No Smollett Jokes at Dems dinner? (correspondent dinner)

I saw a clip of Chris Rock at NAACP awards. He was told not to do any Smollett jokes, but he couldn’t help it and made some small jokes. I bet they do the same censorship at the dems dinner. It’s too bad to because the entire country could have a great laugh. It’s sad the only real comedy these days are people on youtube. Cable is all politics.

" They Told Chris Rock ‘No Jussie Smollett Jokes,’ So He Walked on Stage and Demolished Him"

Trolling thread title.


So wait. Chris rock made a joke, and it wasn’t censored, and we are upset that it could have been? Or another event might be? I can’t even keep up with what this post means.

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It’s just another ham-handed “democrats suck” thread.

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Just be angry.

Nothing but trolling. False thread title, no topic for discussion.

Lots of trolling threads lately. Is it frustration? Anger? Disappointment?

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Come on! He could have went on for 10 minutes I bet. Would have been hilarious. But no! Too uptight in lefty land…

Lots of projecting anger lately… No collusion conclusion… Trump at 51%…

Imagine a possibility, get angry at possibility

Imagination - pass it on


didn’t they get rid of the comedy because SHS cried last year? I think so.

The topic is the media censoring Smollett comedy or anti leftist comedy in general… I bet not one let night comic hit Smollett with a monologue. And we know he’s such a ripe and funny target…

Once again this is a projection of trump and his supporters shortcomings onto the people they hate…

I bet all the shows i don’t watch didn’t make a joke about something and if people come here and say they did i’ll say it wasn’t enough and they could have made more jokes.

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I thought the Smollett skit on SNL was pretty good.

And it wasn’t censored?

So we are upset that his joke wasn’t long enough?

We’ve seen what you think is quality comedy. I think most people wouldn’t share your sense of humor, which is why your favorites are on an uncurated public platform.

It was too short. If the left wasn’t so uptight every skit would be about Smollet for a month.

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It was not for the whole show! Censorship!


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