No Price Too Cruel to Pay

This is from about a year ago. Now some libs will claim, “He’s a comedian, he’s joking!” No, he’s not.

Every now and then, they let truth slip through.

Stop and think about this. He’s made his.

You ever see a kid whose parents couldn’t afford to even minimally keep him “cool”? And it’s even worse when you have and then don’t have.

This guy is a ■■■■ head. Hoping the economy crashes because he’s butt hurt his side lost?

If they’re willing to do this, of course they want open borders.

Bill Maher has built his entire career on saying ■■■■ that riles people up, just to be outrageous. Never been a fan.

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Just to be outrageous. Not buying it.

What do you think his secret plan is, if not to outrage?

He doesn’t have a secret plan or any plan at all. What he has is hate and a desire for revenge. Just like the people he thinks he’s better than.

He’s typical.

Revenge for what?

Donald Trump getting elected was the best thing that possibly could have happened, from Marr’s perspective.

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Unlike, say, Bill O’Reilly, I think Maher actually believes most of the crap he says on air.

President makes “joke” = Trump supports clap like seals.

Comedian talk show host makes “joke” = Trump supporters outraged!


I think he believes it too.

In the same sense that other comedians believe their routines.

Keep in mind, this is the same Bill Maher who:

  1. Lost his network show by agreeing with Dinesh D’Souza that the 9/11 hijackers were not “cowards”.

  2. Dressed as *Steve Erwin with a Stingray Barb through his chest" for a halloween party a few weeks after Erwin died.

  3. Was the host of the show - and instigator - of Christine O’Donnell’s remarks about dabbling in “witchcraft”

and a lot more things that I can’t bring to the forefront of my mind right now. These remarks are entirely in line with his entire career.

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These remarks are entirely typical of Bill Maher.


I’m not talking about his monologues. I’m talking about the roundtable discussions.

Typical lib.

I don’t know if you’re trying to refer to me, or to Bill Maher - but neither me nor him would fit the mold of a “typical lib”.

Him. Yeah he does.

No, he doesn’t.

He’s a stand-up comedian and TV show host - and he’s been very successful at both. He’s been in movies, and makes more money in a year than the average family will make in a lifetime.

He’s no more a “typical lib” than our gracious host is himself a “typical con”.

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Sean Hannity is not conservative at all.

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A five minute clip or so showing that whole section of conversation is the only way to make a proper determination. I hate these 20 and 30 second clips that are purported to show “something” the speaker believes in or what have you. No context, phooey.

He might well believe what you say, but a 25 second clip sure ain’t gonna prove it. I watched a half an episode of his show about three years ago or something and that, so I really don’t know much except for clips I see here and there. Both sides have been accused of this same thing many times though, that’s for sure.