No one wants Bill Clinton

I don’t disagree with that at all. But quite a bit of it is self-induced and justified. Not all mind you.

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Did you predict the nominees in 2014 for 2016? That would be the parallel of predicting 2020 nominees now. So why claim you are 100%?
You don’t have a clue who will be nominated in 2020.

What was your motivation to post this then? To paint the NYT and Democrats in a good light?

I thought it was interesting that the grand old Democrat was now persona non grata.

I heard Cruz made a mixed tape for Trump. First song was Boyz II Men - On Bender Knee. He’s such a romantic, that Teddy!

Boyz II Men sounds like some xyz mess. I don’t know what it is.

I’m disappointed in your lack of classic 90’s R&B knowledge.

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I agree. It is indeed interesting that the Democrats want nothing to do with the sexual deviants in their party while the supposed “party of morals and family values” celebrate theirs.

Yep. She sucked.




I don’t disagree. I can also wonder why it took over 20 years for them to deal with Clinton.
It’s been over 50 years and they still haven’t denounced JFK. Something tells me it has nothing to do with morals.

Classic Rock ended in the 60s. Since then it’s just noise.

Clinton also hasn’t held a position of power or influence in almost 20 years. And I personally was repulsed by his behavior the entire time and certainly never made excuses for it or used whataboutism like I see here hourly regarding Trump

It’s been almost 20 years since he was relevant. People praise the job he did as president, and condemn his personal behavior. When hasn’t that been the case?

Bill campaigning for anyone at this point would accomplish what exactly? There are voters today who were either just born or were only a couple of years old when he left office.

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They are under the very weird delusion that we worship the Clintons. So they think this is a gotcha, of sorts, or something.

I know who won’t be the nominee for the Democrats…Hillary Clinton. Take it to the bank. I’ve got 100% accuracy going and it’s not stopping now!!

I am just as confident. The only people who want Hillary to run in 2020 are Trump supporters. Not even her supporters (yes there are exceptions) want her to run again.

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Exactly. And the cult’s desperation for her to be the nominee again exposes what they know deep down inside. That Trump is very beatable by someone other than a Clinton. Doesn’t mean he won’t be re-elected, but they fear this reality nonetheless. Hence the ongoing delusions.

Same here. For first time ever I will not be voting for a single republican. I won’t vote straight ticket either, but will cast ballots for third party or not vote for a particular position where I don’t support the democratic candidate.

The GOP is complicit in Trump. He’s a cancer on our society and anyone who supports him needs to go. It’s no longer about policy differences, but about fundamental principles of what kind of society we want.


Just curious, while you’re digging through the closets of Democrats past, do you ever consider - even for a nanosecond - your unquestioning and unwavering support for the current occupant of the White House? You know - the man who is the living embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins?