No one wants Bill Clinton

I don’t think the thread was thought out paeticularly well. :wink:


Democratic Party: Party of principles.

GOP: Party of Ted Cruz bending the knee to Trump.


I’ll try to do paeticularly better next time. If I can figure out how to do that.

I never thought I’d see the day where this was accurate. But alas, I never would have dreamed the Republican Party would ultimately be so morally and ethically bankrupt as to nominate and elect someone like Trump who embodies the seven deadly sins. And then continue to submit to him over and over again.

For the first time in my life I’m not going to vote for a single Republican for any office at all on Tuesday. I refuse to reward anyone who willingly associates with such disgusting behavior from the head of the party. I hope every last one of them are removed from office.


Lol way to spot the typo. I’ll leave it there for you so you have something to carry you through this dark thread. :wink:


So what is your opinion of the NYT pointing out Democrats holding “their own” accountable for their actions?


A black president then the thought of a woman president may have been too much of a double whammy

Indeed. Although Hillary Clinton was a horrendous choice to be the first female President.

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It really does get down to the beer thing. I could not imagine drinking one with Hillary, but I could Trump. Only because I want to be able to see how much of a buffoon he is when the cameras are not rolling.

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Indeed. Too much baggage, and she would have provided endless campaign fodder for the GOP.

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You speak of her in the past tense. She’s not gone. She’ll be back.
You can never get rid of the smell of a dead rat.

Yes, yes. We all know this is your fever pitch wet-dream, that Trump will be lucky enough to have Hillary to run against again in 2020. But it is not going to happen.

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Lol I get it, she’s a gift for Trumpistan. You’re like excited puppies peeing on the rug at any mention of her running again. :wink:

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How did you do predicting the 2016 election?
Are you using the same method to predict 2020?

I was 100% in predicting who the nominees would be for each party. And yes, I’m using the same method for 2020.

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Amazing how they become the party of principles 20 years after the fact.

And I do call complete ■■■■■■■■ on that in general. Ted Kennedy.

True…I couldnt vote for her. But you cant deny that she has received a massive amount of criticism and fear from the right, an unnormal amount over the last 20 years

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It wasn’t hard at all to predict the nominees once the primaries began. How did you do predicting the result?

Don’t forget JFK. Sleeping with a Mob moll and a German spy in the WH.
He’s still their sweetheart over 50 years later.

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Paging @BillBrown. I have an idea why this query was passed over, but I’ll ask again. What is your opinion on the liberal Demonrat MSM #FakeNews #failingNYT pointing out Democrats holding “their own” accountable for their actions?

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