No one wants Bill Clinton

No Democrat candidate has asked for Bill Clinton’s help. They don’t want it. They don’t want him. The #MeToo movement has rendered him radioactive because of his past sexual shenanigans. Hillary has been tainted by it too, as his enabler.


How great that Democrats are rejecting a person accused of sexual assault. Unlike the republicans who are embracing the man with 19 accusers.


It’s always easier 20 years later.

Great excuse for failing to do the right thing now.


Great rationalization for defending Bill Clinton and his behavior for the past 20 years.

I have never voted for Bill Clinton. My llack of support for him is a small part of why he is not wanted. I stand up for the belief that assulters should not be supported. Unlike those who embrace Trump.


Have you ever voted for his partner in crime, Hillary?

The Clinton’s are used tojustify everything trump does. It’s hilarious. Trumpists have no principles. I never voted for Clinton and I certainly dont yse her to justify lord trump

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No. But be honest. Hillary has never been accused of sexual assault.

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She’s been accused of heading the efforts to control his Bombo eruptions by trashing his accusers. Justly accused.


The NY Times wrote the article. Are they trying to deflect for Trump?

Are you?

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Ha. Nice deflection from the fact Democrats are rejecting Clinton because of his actions and Trumpers are supporting him despite having 19 accusers.

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Yes, that’s why Trump resigned but Al Franken is still in the Senate.


I assume there is a point to this thread beyond pointing out something obvious?


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I think the point is to highlight how the Democratic Party is the party of morality and family values.