No More Stimulus

What a great way to run a government! Totally management material.

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Supporting massive tax cuts while supporting increased spending isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. The point since the 80s has been to put the country in such a desperate financial situation that we’ll be forced to dismantle the regulatory state.

The dude who invented and implemented Reaganomics, Bruce Bartlett, openly admits this and has for years.

What does it accomplish?

Look on the bright side. Fortress America is now a real thing. It’s just that everyone else has decided to lock us in.


But it won’t because they will just inflate the value of the dollar away and the people will end up throwing out the constitution.

So the country will break up and the South will have won their 2nd civil war without firing a shot.

That’s my conspiracy theory for today. :wink:

They’ll be a third world narco-state inside a decade.

I called it three years ago…America First will morph into America Alone.

Now I didn’t anticipate a global pandemic with a systematically botched response but…


On a personal note, this has cost me a hiking expedition to the Balkans. And the $ still spends very, very nicely in Bulgaria, Montenegro, N. Macedonia and Croatia. Esp Bulgaria. Was really looking forward to it.

Better to lose your house tomorrow than to lose it today.

I don’t think that’s ever asked when there is a discussion of tax cuts. Tax cuts are the end goal. There is never a situation that cannot be solved by not cutting taxes.

every little bit helps

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What does depriving states of revenue during a plague help?

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who said it was supposed to help the govt?

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…of the people, by the people, for the people.

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No question this is true.

I remember the VP debate of 1996 where Jack Kemp went on and on about all the different things a 10% tax cut and cap gains tax elimination would do- be the cure for racism, ensure better relations with world nations, and fortify our moral fiber.

F the people! Gimme my money!!

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keep that in mind as businesses shut their doors thanks to idiot government

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Most businesses that deal directly with people as consumers have transitioned to delivery-based models. This only really excludes gyms and barbers/salons, but they have the guidelines to operate with a high degree of safety.

They will not be able to function if (a) there is no consumer spending and (b) we don’t tackle the plague the way the rest of the world (excepting moron-ruled nations such as India, the US, England, Brazil, new junta Bolivia and Mexico; or the basket case that is post-Mandela SA) has done.

How will broadly distributed tax cuts help these conditions, precisely?

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: That went out the window a long time ago.