No More Stimulus

I opposed the first, & every other. Too much debt, & paying people more to stay home than working is insane, & put in the bill by democrats to keep the unemployment levels high.

No more, it’s not good.

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how about state tax holiday?

it’s really the leftwit governors who are killing their states


If you think anyone is getting rich off the last stimulus then thats delusional.

Of course anyone can find the outlier that abuses the system but the vast majority of people have been helped by this.

Baloney. I don’t think people are getting rich on this. The stimulus is not good is what I said. Of course socialists want to give away money we don’t have or can pay back.

Let’s crater the economy into a full blown Depression… yay!


The choice is simple.

If the “state” is going to mandate a shutdown and force people away from their jobs, then they have an obligation to pay for it.

Either we fully reopen And get everyone back to work or we continue the various stimulus programs until we reopen. Leaving it closed and removing the stimulus packages is not an option.


I agree. We don’t need any money entering the system as the engine stalls. We’re not Europe.


Republicans to the economy ca 2020:

Burn baby, burn!!!

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So what happens to all the jobs being saved by the current distribution?

What about the cascading effects of their loss, when they coincide with a sharp drop in spending, the onset of flu season, the reopening of schools and a hunger crisis that is about to go from slow burn to conflagration?

Are you a fan of runaway inflation?

Do you really still believe we should be viewing monetary supply through the lens of non-existent metal currencies?

Do you really think your worldview will be a successful competitor with the fascism and new bolshevism a pandemic-depression will produce?

Do you think your faith, as a social dynamic embedded in cornucopia capitalism, will be spared from twisting pressures of a cataclysmic moment?




Is Trump a socialist for being on board for another stimulus bill? Are all the Republicans who support this RINOS?

The real world is too complex and nuanced to boil everything down to your either a socialist or conservative.

I know throwing words around like socialist, globalist etc. make for good fodder on social media but it does not reflect real life.

No matter what we do with Covid there is goong to be pain. If we just open up and throw caution to the wind, health systems across the USA will be overloaded and the death rate for those who are elderly or health impaired will sky rocket.

If we stay shut down then the economy will collapse and that will hurt just as bad.

This is why we need to take a measured, rational approach on trying to balance everything.

Open up but enforce social distancing and wearing masks, have restrictions on large gatherings. Discourage interstate travel for non essential business. Of couse this will impact some sectors an hurt others but the reality is there is no easy or simple solution.


Everyone who get any sort of government handout/payment/benefit gets helped.

The question is whether the help today is going to be worth the economic fallout when this whole debt house-of-cards collapses.

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You either spend the money or plunge into a new Great Depression. There is no third option.

One of the times massive deficit spending is okay is when a pandemic is crushing the country.


What, something like the Great Depression? The thing that would have already happened if they hadn’t spent the money? The Republicans didn’t en masse decide to spend four trillion dollars in two months because they wanted to; they were told it was this or fiscal Armageddon.

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Uh. Why?

It’s when you are SUPPOSED TO deficit spend. I think “conservatives” may be confused on how government spending operates.

They want to deficit spend when times are good and not when times are bad.


What happens when ideologues as opposed to realists dominate.

To an ideologue everything happens in a vacuum.

Their preferred ways of doing things will happen without any ancillary effects.

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Agreed. They want to call the shots, then let them pay for their choices.

why not?

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States are Constitutionally prohibited from controlling the money supply.

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