No matter Trump’s protests, Russia investigation grinds on | Jamie Dupree - AJC

Trump whining about being a victim. Manafort’s second trial. Papadopoulos not dropping his plea deal. Sam Patten pleading guilty. The National Enquirer. Ohr and Page. Tapes. Cohn. Missing $$$. Roger Stone.

This thing is just now really picking up steam.

According to Ohr, the Russian source for the dossier was in the US yet the information was never verified. If you are looking for Russian collusion, look no further than the DOJ under the Obama Administration. Now Mueller is attempting to shut this connection down by saying this needs to be kept under wraps due to sources and methods. Drip, drip, drip…

Whose version of Ohr?

You kind of remind me of average John Doe Watergate denier who said it was nothing and blamed everything on the investigators, the Washington Post, George McGovern, the Senate Watergate Committee, Sam Ervin and Democrats.

Anyone else remember how bold Nixon was and how he went after everyone in an attempt to save himself?


Boy, how many other people have you accused of Russiann collusion at this point, when you’re not saying that there was no collusion?

Kind of funny the same people cheering 8 benghazi investigations want the Mueller probe wrapped up in 18 months

i think a lot of them didn’t want this investigation at all. think about that. a foreign entity messed with our country and a lot of citizens of our country wanted to ignore it.

dude. that’s not what being an american is all about.

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And yet none of it has anything to do with Russia collusion or with Trump breaking any law. Go figure.

So, wait - you have seen every piece of information the investigative team has at their disposal? How did you happen to get your hands on all of that documentation?

I think Rush and Fox let him in on the data.

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Trump haters seem to think they have the information to send him to jail. They are salivating at the prospect.

I don’t have insider information to know what’s going to happen either. That’s my point. No one outside Mueller’s team knows the entirety of the information they have - and won’t until this thing is wrapped up.

He may be innocent of any crimes, or may be guilty. Neither one of us knows.

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Seeks like libs hero Mueller might have to settle for couple question…and reply will be done in writing if Trump decides to answer em.

What happen libs? Seems like you fall flat on your face again.

Too funny.

Everyone look at this guy ^ gloating over a prosecutor not turning away written evidence. Look at him long and good.

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I’m expecting a Roger Stone indictment showing conspiracy to collude with Russia to illegally affect the outcome of the 2016 election. The question will be, who else was in the know on what he was doing and what roles did they possibly play in the conspiracy.

LOL The Collusion delusion!

  1. RNC Started the Russia Dossier! Nope Steele under oath said the Dossier started and ended with Steele, and he was not hired till the DNC took over.

  2. Trump Jr Meeting is treasonous, he met with Russians! He met with a Russian that Fusion owner glenn simpson met with before and after the Trump tower meeting, so Hillary paid Fusion, to contact a Russian Lawyer to meet with Don Jr? Why? Why was Hillary paying a group to lobby Russians?

  3. The investigation started with Popadopalous and Carter Page! FBI Agent Adam Lovinger is testifying that in fact it was the FBI who set Popadopalous and Carter Page up, and paid Stefan Halper to do it.

  4. When the FISA was granted, Obama’s last EO was to allow all gov agencies to share information among each one another! What information would that be? The Dossier! Obama definitely knew.

  5. How come everyone that was Russian that was in contact with Trump, had ties to either Fusion or The Hillary Campaign?

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exactly… and how come Obama didn’t care… ? Because he knew there was no real effect.

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Better Question, why was the Obama admin paying Stefan Halper to reach out to Russians to set up meetings with the Trump Campaign? Alexander Downer donated 25 million to the CGI, and is the one ratting out popadopalous? The whole thing is a set up job.

History will show it… The most corrupt time in our modern history was under Obama…

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