No Matter the Crisis, Real or Imaginary, ALWAYS the SAME ABSURD Solution!

The faux “climate crisis”, “social justice”, poverty, crime, etc, it’s the same solution from the left every time:

  1. Give up your rights.
  2. Give up your freedoms.
  3. Give up your prosperity.
  4. Give up your children. They must be indoctrinated & you cannot instill your own values.
  5. Give up your religion
  6. Give up your ability to have an opinion. No dissent.
  7. Give up your voice.
  8. Give up your property.
  9. Give up your security & your ability to defend yourself.
  10. Give up control over your own affairs or medical decisions.

AND… REPLACE all that with Socialist/Marxist/Leftist slavery.

It doesn’t solve a single problem, it makes them all worse, & places you in a world of perpetual servitude.

“Don’t let a crisis go to waste!”



The hysteria is certainly man made.


YUP! There is no crisis. Adapt. The climate has “Changed” for eons.



Yeah, but if we pay the government a carbon tax that will stop, right?


Has it been “tHe HoTtEsT mOnTh On rEcOrD!1!” again? :rofl:


In England it has. Temps got above 100. Air con is not really a thing in homes over there and the infrastructure is not set up to deal with extreme heat.

I have noticed in the past 15 years summers back home getting hotter.

In Missouri, it was so hot and dry this year that my yard split open like dried mud in the sun. Can’t imagine why no one is trying to pretend it’s because of CO2 though. :wink:

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Well, not completely, you must also submit to socialist enslavement & dictatorship.

I guarantee that if they can ever get the Red at the core of the watermelon the “green” husk will not matter for long.

Hm. yea… that’s incorrect. None of that is true.

No matter the solution, real or imaginary, its always the same absurd assumption, the left wants a socialist dictatorship.

We don’t. The vast majority of the American left is against dictatorships and likes a economy that is a mix of private and public owned, but mostly private owned, and based on market forces, not planned.

Scratch a Green, find a Red.


You can’t have a Socialist Government without it turning into a dictatorship.

If Capitalism was so bad and Socialism so good then why aren’t the caravans of migrants headed from here to Venezuela? Why aren’t you among them?


That’s not at all true.


This depends on what your definition of “socialist government” is. If your definition is a government led by a party that is pro-socialism, you totally can. For example if Jeremy Corbyn was elected PM of the UK, the UK wouldn’t suddenly become a dictatorship and the process of making it one wouldn’t be easy. And here in the US were Sanders to be elected President we wouldn’t become a dictatorship either and the process of turning us into one is near impossible with our current structures short of declaring martial law.

On the other hand if what you actually mean is “state socialism” like the USSR or China its actually backwards from what you said. These were dictatorships that imposed state socialism (in practice state capitalism since the elites profited off the workers).

And also its important when having these fever dreams of a communist take over that the self-proclaimed socialists in office in the US are all Democratic Socialists which unlike the pro-dictatorship/revolution Marxist/Leninist that you think they are actually support implementing socialism through the democratic system which means you the US won’t convert from capitalism to socialism without a super majority of citizens supporting it. And if the 2020 Democratic primary was any indication, the fact that Biden beat Sanders shows that the average Democrat voter isn’t ready for socialism.

If Capitalism was so bad and Socialism so good then why aren’t the caravans of migrants headed from here to Venezuela? Why aren’t you among them?

Okay, I’ll need your help with this one because I don’t know how your brain works… how did you read:

and hear “I love socialism, hate capitalism, and want the US to be socialist!”?

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No offense, but we’ve already established that your beliefs on what the American left believes and desires are completely detached from reality.


No offense, that’s bull ■■■■■


I understand.

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