No Matter the Crisis, Real or Imaginary, ALWAYS the SAME ABSURD Solution!

The faux “climate crisis”, “social justice”, poverty, crime, etc, it’s the same solution from the left every time:

  1. Give up your rights.
  2. Give up your freedoms.
  3. Give up your prosperity.
  4. Give up your children. They must be indoctrinated & you cannot instill your own values.
  5. Give up your religion
  6. Give up your ability to have an opinion. No dissent.
  7. Give up your voice.
  8. Give up your property.
  9. Give up your security & your ability to defend yourself.
  10. Give up control over your own affairs or medical decisions.

AND… REPLACE all that with Socialist/Marxist/Leftist slavery.

It doesn’t solve a single problem, it makes them all worse, & places you in a world of perpetual servitude.

“Don’t let a crisis go to waste!”


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The hysteria is certainly man made.