No mask mandate no vaccine

I don’t want the vaccine. So fine by me.

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You’ll line up like everybody else or we’ll do stuff to you. And stuff.


Sounds like a policy from a vindictive tyrant.


Great plan. How would you prove it?

See you in court.

I don’t think I trust the vaccine.

So correct me if I’m wrong or did Trump just say he’s going to “deprioritize” the vaccine from blue states.

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The NSA will have that covered, just like they did in the Global War on Terror.

We’ll need more databases to combat the jihadi-germs.

I’m not taking it, until I see what it does to people. I would like to see a few other companies release them as well not the one the CEO dumped 60% of the company stock.

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Can’t go for that. Sounds too much like submit or die.

17 minutes after this post trump seemingly did just that towards New York.

Yep… good thing he will not be in charge of anything by then.

You got a few things wrong here, but instead of correcting them, I’m wondering why if you think this you aren’t for 100% government ran healthcare.

Why should individuals be penalized for the laws of their states? It’s doubtful these states that don’t have a mandate forbid anyone from wearing one.

It’s funny many of those who are so gung ho about HPV vaccine are OK with opting out of, or denying others, vaccines against diseases that are highly contagious.

Someone wants the vaccine, they should be able to get it. Here’s the priority before the vaccine is available to the general public:

It was being addressed to the OP as to who…has the greater right to the vaccine. The logic I was using is that those who paid the most, should be first in line. That said, both reasons are stupid and I was hoping that was obvious?

I wouldn’t have a problem with government healthcare but IMO the level of care would drop. Therefore what I’d ask is that the amount applied for healthcare could be a voucher issued and then those who are willing/capable of paying more, can apply it elsewhere, where in they’re opinion, the healthcare is more like what they have right now.

So what? I have always said that Trump has all the makings of a vindictive tyrant.

But if you agree with the OP, you must think Trump’s idea is a good one, right?

Wow, yep, I heard it alright:

“As soon as April, the vaccine will be ready to the entire population, with the exception of places like New York State…”

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…but mainly Cuomo. :sunglasses:

These people advocate mask mandates.

Why, then, should someone not be able to sit in church, synagogue, mosque, temple, whatever just as long as they’re not shoulder to shoulder with their neighbors and wearing a mask?

I sure wish some would decide what it is they want to be so the rest of us can call them wannabes. They’re very contradictory.


This is was your legitimate chance this week to scream “authoritarian!” and you squander it on emojies.