No man may buy or sell…

This prophecy is from Revelation 13:17. I have made it pretty clear I believe we are in the end times. I see almost everything in end time prophecy coming to pass. I have wondered though how this particular prophecy may come about and I have noticed something’s happening, especially since Covid that may bring this about.

First: I think everyone can see that in the age of debit and credit cards, it would be relatively easy for someone to flip a switch somewhere and literally cut off anyones ability to conduct business. But, there is always a cash economy, often black market in a crisis situation, operating that wouldn’t be so easy to shut down…. or would it?

I’ve noticed for example, that there has been a coin shortage since last year. I’ve also noticed that there are times when businesses won’t accept cash, only cards because they don’t have change or small bills. Where did the coins and small bills go?

Second: On top of this shortage, we are seeing inflation at the highest level in decades. It. What better way to bring about a cashless society than to remove as much as possible out of circulation, and then introduce trillions of dollars into the economy so as to make the currency still in circulation worthless?

Third: I’ve been following the precious metals market for quite awhile and the prices are not behaving as they normally do. The price of silver has gone down and moved very little over the past several months. Almost as if the price is being deliberately kept low to keep people from sudden panic hoarding, though premiums have more than doubled.

It seems like everything is being put in place.