No Libya style de-nuking


Trump didn’t bomb Libya into chaos for no reason… Your empathy for them is overwhelming…


I don’t run Foreign policy.


Yes, If Bush had done that, we’d never hear the end of it. HBO would have documentaries about the holocaust he caused.


Obama didn’t do it for no reason. And I disagreed with it, vocally, when he did it.

That’s not the reason, however, that NK is balking at talks right now.

They’re balking because:

  1. Bolton’s tone toward the situation is a lot harder than Pompeo’s, and they don’t know which way they’re going to be treated.
  2. The US is proceeding with military exercises with SK.

It has nothing to do with how Obama treated Qaddafi.


Yet that’s not stopping you from blaming Obama and others when the NK talks having problems has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with Trump’s administration.


Bolton really really wants to go to war in Iran and North Korea so not stupid at all from his point of view.


The French wanted Q’daffi’s oil.