No Libya style de-nuking

In 2003 the Bush admin negotiated with Qaddafi to de-nuke Libya. They got the deal and in 2004 Libya shipped it nuclear equipment to the US. Then in 2011 the Obama admin, with the backing of senator’s McCain and Graham, led an attack on Libya in which Qaddafi was killed by US backed rebels. Then the Obama admin left Libya to rot in Chaos, and civilians death as the media ignored it.

The problem is not so much they killed Qaddafi for some unknown reason, or that they didn’t care about all the civilian deaths they caused in the following civil war, but it’s long term effect on negotiating with other dictators. It was a very short term thinking approach to foreign policy.

“Libya voluntarily gave up its nuclear ambitions in 2003 in order to get out from under economic sanctions. The country’s dictator Moammar Gadhafi was eventually overthrown in a Western-supported coup and killed in 2011.”

NK is talking about Libya in it’s pull back of negotiations with the Trump admin and it’s hard to blame them. Let’s hope the Trump admin can over come this legacy of Obama admin stupidity, and horror for the Libyan people…

Trump was played like a fiddle by Kim.


No, it certainly wasn’t ignored. A few examples:

Hell, even Obama himself admitted it:

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In what context did they mention Libya?

The two main reasons I’ve seen stated for NK pulling back are the US continued participation in military drills with SK, and Bolton taking a hard line “NK will see no benefits until they’ve completely denuclearized” (in the manner we saw Libya denuclearize) stance.

And he goes into grainier detail on Libya as a ■■■■■■■■■■ in this article from The Atlantic:

But who cares? Reflection, circumspection, and humility are for cucks!

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It’s just Kim’s counter offer. And it’s not like Trump sent him a billion in unmarked bills…

Those are great but kind of late, don’t ya think… Ironic that Obama returned slavery to Africa.

Yes, Bolton was stupid bringing up Libya.

No. Like I said, they’re just a few example-and they were the first to show up on Google. Stories from “the media” criticizing Obama for his involvement in Libya are not hard to find.

Wait wait…you’re blaming Obama for the actions of others. I thought conservatives were the party of personal responsibility. Aren’t the slavers responsible for it? Yes, they are, but never miss an opportunity to blame the (D). That’s the conservative way!

Oh, so you admit you are misrepresenting WHY NK brought up Libya. Why would you do that intentionally, and try to blame Obama for NK backpedaling, instead of blaming Trump’s guy Bolton for trying to mirror the de-nuclearization of Libya with NK?

If Trump war policy has led to the return of slavery in Africa. How many stories a day would CNN and NBC run about it. I bet they didn’t mention it on TV, or perhaps a few seconds. If Bush had caused the death of 10’s of thousands of Libyan, how often would CNN run a story during an election year. You know that,

They couldn’t bring Libya up, if it was not true. Obviously… It was stupid of Bolton to remind them, but it happened during Obama. It was a stupid, short sighted Obama policy, and we have no knowledge of why the Obama admin did it. Especially, after Libya had cooperated with the BUsh admin and de-nuked, etc…

Completely irrelevant, since you completely and wholly dismiss anything CNN and NBC have to say. Conservatives believe in personal responsibility. Trump was supposed to govern that way, instead of justifying acting like libs by saying “well, look what libs do.”

So which is it-you want to act like the lib media or not?

Doesn’t change anything. The problem isn’t that Obama intervene in Libya, it’s that Bolton is taking a hard stance and doesn’t want to agree to ANYTHING that will benefit NK until they’ve completely denuclearized like Libya did, while Pompeo appears to have made softer promises to them.

It’s not Obama’s fault NK is hardening their stance. It’s the confusing message that the Trump admin is sending.

Like I said, a conservative never missed a chance to blame a liberal. That’s all this thread is.

The Trump admin is a bunch of amateurs.

It’s not about me…

It’s partly Obama, McCain, Graham and Hillary’s fault for having stupid shortsighted policy in our history. Notice two are republicans…

Bolton knew the kind of message his statement would send. I don’t think it was a mistake or some off the cuff utterance.

Yes it is. YOU are the one not holding Trump to the standard that was the basis for you electing him. You’re trying to pass the buck to Obama.

So is Trump responsible for his administration’s words and actions or not?

Spoken like a true conservative. Blame someone else, take no responsibility or blame. Got it.

It’s just horrendous what Obama and Hillary did in Libya, you can’t leave her out because she was very instrumental in the entire debacle and gave really deplorable advice & encouragement to Obama and not only did we lose an Ambassador and his Diplomatic aid but also two brave Americans who came to their defense and also 10’s to 100’s of thousands suffering souls in Libya. It’s an American SHAME and embarrassment throughout the world. It exposes the abject stupidity, heartlessness and soulless liberal Democrat Party foreign policy. Human suffering in the ME is Obama’s legacy and all BLAME is squarely on him and his Administration.