No good slackers!

Who are the biggest good for nothing, overpaid, underworked slackers in history? The U.S. congress of course. You know the same greedy swamp creatures who love to claim that your S.S. is going broke while keeping there own bloated pensions fully intact. They love to bump back our retirement age every few years while leaving their own super charged retirement plan untouched. They fiddle fart around with our private insurance, making it cost us thousands more, while forcing us to fund the world’s best insurance plan for them. Then there’s the topper. Their precious recesses. Between now and the election, these lazy asses have decided that they will only have 9 more working days. Pathetic.

So libs, these are the people that you want to give even more power to? You want most of the decisions that affect your life made by some lazy assed, greedy government type? Really? You actually want MORE government in your lives?

So why do you and everyone else keep voting for them?

People usually give low marks to Congress overall but high marks to their own reps. People are stupid.

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Somehow you haven’t noticed that both parties support big government.

■■■■ Lugar…something like 6 terms in the Senate as a Hoosier. With about two years left in his term he started selling off all the Lugar family property. He then moved out. Lived in a fancy Washington Condo and spent his recesses everywhere but back home again. Then he started siding with Obama on things.

We voted his ass out and on election Eve when he lost. He called those of us back home a bunch of hayseeds. And that’s why we voted out a 36 year senator…he stopped being a Hoosier and became a Washingtonian…he didn’t represent my interests. Only his own interests were represented. More states need to do this.

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They’re your employees. They come to you to get their contract renewed every two years. Take some personal responsibility.

If you voted for any for your congressperson or Senator the last time, then you are the problem.

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I usually hesitate to speak for all liberals, but in this case I want to assure you that we are working as hard as possible to replace as many of those lazy GOP congress critters as we can.

If you want to join us, rest easy until its time to act in November.

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The constitution set Congress up to be a coequal branch of Congress - so I guess the constitution is a “lib” according to the OP.

Don’t like what the people in Congress are doing? Vote your rep out, as I plan to do in November rather than going against the constitutional principle of coequal branches of government.

See how easy that was?

Agreed. Most definitely.

Why do you?

And by the way, I’m not the topic.

You sound jealous. If you want the same benefits then maybe you should work harder and get a better job bum.

Right! And the replacements will work harder and not put their own self interests above that of the American people they claim to serve. That’s what you actually believe? Nice fairy tale. :roll_eyes:

See how easy that was?

That’s why you keep voting them out until they get the message that it’s in their self interest to put the interests of their constituents first.

That’s much better than Congress not stepping up to the plate and taking the level of responsibility afforded to them by the constitution.

would it be better if the slackers wore jeans?

That’s why we voted for Trump. The career politicians are a debacle. Do you know of anybody running for office who want’s to roll back their congressional privilege? Show me that person and I will vote for him. Got any names?

$1trillion deficits?

I like both my Senators and my Congressperson. I have no intention of voting for their opponents.

Now you are being dishonest. Acting as if you care. You only care about deficits and debt when the opposition party is in charge. Did you demand fiscal responsibility when the dems controlled everything? Nope. Republicans and democrats suck at the national debt. The are both simply awful. Everyone knows it, nobody will admit it. Except for me.

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That’s an interesting way of defending Lord Trumps $1trillion deficit at full employment and a stable economy lol

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