NO FREE RIDE: US REFUSES to Pay North Korea’s Hotel Bill, Other Costs in Singapore

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The United States is refusing to pay for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s hotel bill and other associated costs during next week’s summit with President Trump in Singapore, confirmed the State Department this week.

A spokesperson for the US agency told reporters that the American government “is not paying for the North Korean delegation,” adding “we’re not paying for their expenses.”

“On Singapore meetings, the problem is North Korea doesn’t have any money for staying in hotels. So have they ever ask that the money pay for United States?” asked one journalist during a briefing.

“I want to be clear about this, because this was something that swirling a lot over the weekend, and I think we tried to tamp this down. The United States Government is not paying for the North Korean delegation to stay. We’re not paying for their expenses. The White House has spoken to this as well,” said the spokesperson.

After weeks of heated back-and-forth exchanges between the two countries, the historic summit is now set to take place June 12th in Singapore; the first meeting between the leaders of the United States and North Korea in history.