No college football this year?

the ivy league.says no fall sports
the big ten says no non conference games.
i expect the other major conferences to do the same.

at the very least i dont think there will be any fans in attendance at any college games. if there are games at all

this is what out incredibly poor covid response has done.
I wonder how many div 1 schools are going to be dropping a lot of sports? stanford already did, others i expect to join

No…this is what “some” wanted.

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I saw something not too long ago where they were talking about spraying crowds with disinfectant at various events. Personally, I’d be leery of being directly exposed to chemicals capable of eradicating COVID-19 and their unintended side effects. I mean has this stuff even been tested? It sounded like the clubs were all for it, if it meant getting paid butts back in those seats. After all, isn’t that what it always boils down to in the end with these guys? Money?

Yeah…we shouldn’t have stopped the flights from China and by the results of lib Governors, Trump never should have let them be in charge of their own state. Just consider the devastation to the elderly and now the current situations of violence, murder running rampant in lib cities. On just Sunday alone, over 10 murders in NYC! Now…no college sports. Nice job Governors.

Exactly why will there be no college football in the USA this year?

Just Div 1?

You gonna criticize the governors of Florida, Texas and Arizona as well? Those are three of the four top hot spots right now.

Any travel restriction that didn’t include Europe was absolutely worthless

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Isn’t it no non-conference games??

And who cares??

No student athletes getting paid on top of their scholarships.


Who was calling for that??

Not WHO, but who. We all know WHO and biden were busy protecting xenos.

Italy was showing major problems with Coronavirus back then. Stopping travel from Europe would have made a lot of sense.

Heck, if it had been me, I would have gone ahead and closed down the borders at that point, and dealt with any fallout later.

But who was calling for it??

The experts??

biden and WHO?? china?? News organizations??

Why would a president NEED someone to call for it? Whatever happened to the concept of leadership and using good old common sense? When you’ve got a global pandemic going around, protect your nation if you are in a position of leadership.

Oh, wait - common sense. Never mind - I see the problem now. Carry on

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Here’s what all governors should have done on February 1st, 2020 regarding the the state that implemented this policy.

What good do travel restrictions do if you’re only going to restrict travel from some of the hotspots?

Like obama did during pig-flu??

Maybe he didn’t want to be called a racist/xenophobe…AGAIN.

But what we’re the experts saying?? All of the experts were spinning other tales and oil right lying up to the point it would have made a difference, AND BEYOND.

So who was calling for it?? And remember that trump is no epidemiologist, virologist, doctor or public health official.

Was the beloved dr. fauci calling for a european travel ban??

Were people operating with the information available?? Where was that information coming from at the time?? What was their agenda??

It wasn’t the truth and public safety.

Not the dems or media for sure.

If the dems occupied the WH and it had been handled exactly the same the Libs would be talking about how wonderful a job they did.

It’s all politics to the Libs at the moment.

It should never have been politicized.

I’m sorry I have now.

I’ve done my best to stay out of it.

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Somebody has to push back against the Libs propaganda from time to time.