No college football for me today

I used to be a huge college football fan. Not anymore. It used to be that the most physical, hard hitting team had an advantage. Not anymore. The most physical team is now the one who will be punished. And it’s become a zebra dominated game. The defense makes a great play and scores a T.D. and the zebras take it away and send the wrong team to the national championship. I’m certainly done for this year. Maybe next year too.

You don’t like it when rules are enforced?

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If Ohio State had scored touchdowns instead of FGs the three times it drove to the goal line, and had they not surrendered a 94 yard TD drive with three minutes left, the bogus call on the fumble return wouldn’t have mattered.

Don’t leave yourself open to having the game affected by bad calls. Moral of the story.

It’s a totally corrupt system anyway. Do away with “student athlete” sham and just make the teams employees of the schools.


The reason Ohio state had to kick some field goals is because Clemson is a really good team. Duh. If the Zebras don’t take 7 points off the scoreboard. Ohio state wins. The zebras sent the wrong team to the championship. No doubt about it. Ohio State was punished for being the most physical team. Without the Buckeye’s the national championship is a joke.

I love it when the rules are enforced. Have you seen the replay? The receiver caught the ball, Held the ball rock solid in his hands and took four steps. The OSU player made a great play and knocker it out. Did you see conclusive evidence that it wasn’t a catch? You did not. Neither did the head of the NCAA officials. According to him, the Buckeyes got robbed.

If you want to watch then please do. The national championship game is a sham. And college football is too zebra dominated for me to watch anymore.

Bad calls by officials occur in every sport. It’s part of the game, and sports fans who can’t accept human error are doomed to be unhappy. Maybe go see a movie instead–you almost always know how that’s going to end.

How the hell do you do that? It was expected to be a close game and it was. Nobody expected a blowout. Did you? It wasn’t just a bad call, considering the result, it was probably the worst call in college football history. Especially since they got the call right on the field.

True. But the game has gotten worse. It’s more zebra dominated than it has ever been. Being the hardest hitting team used to be an advantage. Now it’s a disadvantage. They’ve ruined it.

It was bad, but it wasn’t as bad as the no pass interference call in the Saints/Rams game last year. It’s annoying, but the NFL’s supposed fix for this problem has made it worse.

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Football leagues are worried about long-term player safety liability. Blame the lawyers, not the refs.

After the second post in the thread I was able to find it. Since it was video reviewed, I guess someone challenged the call and on a closer look they ruled no catch.

And couple articles I’ve read, experts disagree on if it was a catch or not.

Silly argument. “Ohio State would have won if they scored more points. You can’t blame the refs for points they took away from Ohio State or gave to Clemson.” The team with the highest score at the end wins. Is someone arguing that? The points should be scored or not scored by the teams playing the game, not as the result of bad officiating.

Let’s say you were in a race. At the halfway mark you have a clear lead on your opponent. A race official then comes on to the course and trips you. This allows your opponent to catch up and ultimately win the race. By this crappy logic, it’s your own fault for losing because you didn’t have a bigger lead when the race official tripped you.

It’s silly to dismiss bad calls when looking at the outcomes of games.

This is a silly analogy. Tripping people isn’t part of a ref’s job, interpreting the rules is. It would work better if the race official deemed that the runner had broken a rule during the race and disqualified him.

I think it was worse because the Saints play was not reviewable. They got the Buckeye call right the first time, then changed it. The receiver held the ball securely for 4 steps. But somewhere on the video the SEC official thinks he saw a bobble that nobody else saw. And yes, the NFL is a zebra nominated game too.

A ref’s action changed the outcome of a game. Use whatever analogy you want.

Yeah, the way it went down was worse. But I’ve never seen a more obvious missed call than at the end of that Saints/Rams game.

As is literally always the case in every game ever played. In NBA and MLB games, for example, officials make judgement calls that change the outcome of the game every few seconds.

Buckeye haters say no catch. People who are tired of seeing Clemson every year said it was a catch. You and me and THE HEAD OF THE NCAA OFFICIALS saw the same thing. He took 4 steps holding the ball securely until it was forced out by the Buckeye. It was probably the worst use of replay in NCAA history.

The SEC official thinks he saw a bobble that nobody else saw. Including you.

So your argument is that since it happens it should be accepted? Bad judgement and bad decisions are part of the game? No need to expect recourse, change, or even be upset about it?