'NO BIG DEAL': Pelosi Refuses to Condemn Colleague Who Called Trump ‘Motherf***er’

Yeah, she’s a real piece of garbage.

And a racist.

And a misandrist.

And anti-Christian.

She’s a modern dimocrat.

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Why should anyone care?

because everyone “cares” when trump swears

is that how it should be?

I don’t care when he swears. That’s some real hall-monitor ■■■■■

your beloved media sure does. yet not so much for this pig of a woman

No, they don’t.

denying reality now i see. not surprised

Most people aren’t Rachel Maddow.

thank gawd

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I dont care if he swears in private. Since I am a person, then not everyone cares.

Can you prove that everyone cares about Trump swearing?

You don’t care when trump swears. His supporters love it. What are you talking about “everybody”? That’s hilarious.

But did she say “ass”?

That one really chaps asses.


And what about the guy who goes around say ■■■■■ grabbing, he gets a pass.


my how this is allll about me and Trump

Can’t link because they are filthy, but all over Twitter and Facebook are compilations of Donnie saying this very word, and every other swear word you can imagine, on the campaign trail and at his rallies, where the trumpies cheer it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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So this bit of faux ass-chappery, while good for chuckles, impresses no one.


Its just locker room talk, which as every Trump supporter knows is no big deal.



Your own post is good for chuckles and impresses no one?

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Somehow a Democrat from Michigan swearing at a private party in a bar proves Democrats are worse than Republicans.

I can only like a post once but this deserves another! :heart: :+1: Actually it can’t be said enough IMO.

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