NO BIG DEAL: Kamala Harris Defends Congresswoman’s ‘Impeach the Motherf***er’ Comments | Sean Hannity

Sen. Kamala Harris vehemently deflected criticism away from Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s vicious anti-Trump rhetoric Tuesday; saying “she’s not the first elected person to curse in public.”

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Is that any surprise coming from a Liberal who is so filled with hate and fear of this President they would even support death threats against this President. President Trump is so far above these hate filled so called representatives of the American people that he should hardly give it any of his time. Their own actions and words will be a testament to their inadequacies and short comings, which are significant. They were not elected into office to represent their constituents, they were elected into office to disrupt and threaten this very successful conservative president.

From one classless congresswoman to another…

It has become standard for those against President Trump to be vulgar, rude, and in general un civil. So what’s new about her using profanity, many in Hollywood have done the same thing to the cheers of their audience. That is where we have sunken to. People no longer know how to act or speak. Boy have we evolved. What ever happened to the “When they go low we go high” attitude? It’s now " How low can we go, lower than you know".

In reply to your thoughts I believe that G. Soros gave 48B dollars to the leftists to start riots, deceive people and divide this country. What we need to do is get ride of these types of people by holding them accountable for really bad filthy mouth. All the corruption we know has been done people should be accountable for fraud, terror and don’t like us, they can move back wherever they came from, if it is here then we should send them to Europe.