Nj gym opening despite lockdown order

A Bellmawr NJ gym is opening despite lockdown order for members only. LIVE FOX TV reported LEO’s on site , drones and a SWAT team staged in the neighborhood?
Getting interesting out there!

Yes because god knows one can’t exercise without going to a gym…:roll_eyes:


Especially in late May.

Yes, I’m sure the gym is opening because the owners think noone can exercise without a gym :roll_eyes:

Disagree with the decision and the risk, but stupid snark is pointless.


Consent of the governed.


That wasn’t the point of the “snark”.

  1. revoke his business license
  2. shut off his utilities
  3. talk to his insurance company about cancelling his insurance
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Those employed by gyms need to put food on the table, too, & not everyone can get in touch with their inner welfare skank (I can’t even find mine). The economy cannot be shut down forever.

If we wait until there’s a vaccine, we will be reduced to third world status. There are viruses that have no vaccine (Hep C & HIV come to mind).

It appears from the O P gym has opened for current members only. It’d be interesting to see if stronger disinfection, or requiring some sort of face covering, are protections in place.

  1. “Talk to his insurance company”? To hell with that! If they don’t do it, revoke their license!
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Have the politicians enforcing this, given up their wages? If not, ■■■■ you.


People should have the freedom to workout in a gym if they want to. I’m sure that customers and workers can keep a gym clean and safe. Everyone understands hygiene now. All you have to do is wash your hands and not touch your face and you’re safe. That’s easy to do in a gym. Besides, you can’t just stay at home forever not working out. People have to run on treadmills in order to keep healthy. It’s a scientific fact that people who don’t work out are more likely to be depressed, so in my opinion gyms should be considered an essential service.


Might want to use “them” instead of “you”. Don’t want any misunderstandings.

the gym should be allowed to open, just like churches and salons, and everything else for that matter

but given the totalitarian power trips democrats are on, it’s not a good idea

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SWAT sounds excessive.

  1. Police state
  1. Send in the SWAT team & kill them?

Not at all.

Maybe SWAT is for crowd control. If that’s the case, then it makes more sense albeit not necessarily sufficient sense.

How to demolish the principle: “I don’t consent to needing their consent.”.