NJ Governor Holding First Responders Hostage

Of course there is absolutely no where else in the state budget to cut during this crisis.

Holding first responders hostage while extorting funds from the federal government.

This guy is a real class act.

Glad I left the ■■■■ hole that is New Jersey many, many years ago.


Before I’d cut any check, I’d want an accounting for the expenditures that led up to this shortfall? Also, it wouldn’t be a bail out. It’d be a weekly sum that would just tide loose ends for these people listed. What ever mindset regarding expenditures got NJ into this financial problem, wouldn’t be fed with federal money.

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He’s simply stating the consequences of politicizing state aid during a national emergency.

It needs to be known what’s really at stake when Republicans start getting cute with this.

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Nothing is going to get the economy roaring again like a bunch of States declaring bankruptcy.


Maybe should have thought of that before strangling themselves.

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I know… cut the nose off to spite the face.

Great for getting that economy roaring again.


Oh you want to talk about deliberately hampering the recovery? Let’s talk about the Democrats hero act that would pay about 75% of the unemployed more than they can make working.


Facing a for real Depression, let us let several States go bankrupt and stand in the way of programs that would put money into the hands of people who would immediately spend it into the economy.

That will supercharge the economy to new heights.


Care to tell us how the economy recovers when you pay tens of millions of people to sit out of it?

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They aren’t sitting out.

They are spending money into it.

We are looking at a full blown Depression. This isn’t going to be a V shaped recovery. This idea that there are some people that may make bank on Unemployment doesn’t do anything to negate the fact that what the economy needs to recover faster is people spending money into it.

Fastest way to get money into the economy is to give it to the people who will immediately spend it.

Don’t worry… the rich people will still get it in the end.

He’s clearly trying to blackmail Trump into loads of more money. Disgusting man.

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I don’t know how we never figured this out before, far better for the economy to just print money for people to not work. I feel stupid.

How do you feel about Trump blackmailing states who allow main in voting?


are a lot of good job hiring? If I was making 25/h + benefit before the shutdown I’m not going to work min-wage.

Then you wouldn’t part of the group being paid more to stay home than you can make working. And why should I pay you if you can’t get hired making as much as you were before anyway? It’s beneath you to work for less but not to take money from your neighbors?

We print money for the wealthiest.

Why not print money for the poorest?

At least with them, we know exactly where it will go.

To buy stuff.


I am taking money from the Unemployment system that I have paid into for over 20 years and have not extracted a dime from until now.

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Me too. And still losing money.

Open it up.

The producers are ready and able.

Would hate to see the ability to enforce unessentials to close diminished.

A lot of pearl clutching going on in sanctuary locations.