Nikki Haley upset Trump base with push for Multiculturalism

I’m not sure that’s a wormhole I want to go down.

That is because they don’t use the forum they comment on the articles from the website.

the part where conservatives pretend to not be racists…

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No sorry. @altair1013 proved that it’s mainly liberals who are racist in his thread the other day.

Yeah evidently the scum posting on Breitbart aren’t bottom feeding racist ■■■■■■■■■ but patriotic Mericans just trying to take their country back.

People have questioned why I live where I do (where there are racists). Well, they’re not all racists and even I know which of the really hardcore racists to avoid. They show their true colors way faster on the internet in numerous places (like the one you listed).

Not to mention San Francisco. Such behavior is encouraged there. Lib mecca.

Where do you go without racists?

well, they are everywhere. just concentrated more in certain areas.

You’re in Texas right?

I live in the middle of Rural Ontario brother I feel your pain.


10 ■■■■■■■ character


Catch the story about the guy in London at a grocery store demanding to see proof of citizenship from another customer?

NC? Where I am?


One thing I’ve never done here is say where I’m from. I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.

No problem. I’m originally from Virginia. Lived a lot of places in the Army. There are racists everywhere but some places definitely have more than others.

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When people were discussing changing the name of Redskins I suggested Virginia Rednecks.


so much for me buyin you a coffee :wink:

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The Washington Indigenous People of the Potomac Valley.