Nike: Betsy Ross Flag vs the Stars and Bars . . . Confederate flag wins?

Actually, Nike should do whatever they feel is in their best business interests. I would disagree with this particular decision, but if they wish to take this decision, that is their sole prerogative. I will not dictate to Nike what they can or should do, though I might idly take a different opinion.

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Yep. Can’t be proud of early American history anymore. It’s racist to do so.

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Why? People buy and don’t buy things for all sorts of reasons.

These are overpriced collectible shoes that we are discussing… not important things like chicken sandwiches.

Sorry… you are making a distinction without a difference here.

Great… glad we can agree.

It’s Capitalism.

It’s an economic system… not the word of God.

It is quite okay to point at stupidity within an economic system where it fails to produce the optimal results and ends up wasting resources that could be used for others in need.

No one is going to throw you in Capitalism jail for doing so.

Either way your point falls. :smile:

Capitalism is merely a system where people forestall consumption in favor of saving, thus forming “capital.” The free market just what it says it is.

The two concepts work well together, but they are still just that, two concepts.

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Yeah… no… Capitalism is super fueled by debt not savings.

Criticizing the results that may occur under capitalism is not the same as criticizing capitalism. I, myself, just criticized Nike’s actions earlier in this thread. But human irrationality ensures that results under capitalism may seem stupid.

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Pushing back would be the best business decision. It would show they’re not slaves to two petty minorities.

That also doesn’t make sense.

Capitalism is a human invention. It isn’t sentient.

It makes no sense to separate out the idiocy that can occur under Capitalism from Capitalism itself.

They are one and the same thing.


That unfortunate situation is entirely the fault and creation of the government, via the centralized fractional banking system we are under, a system that OVER DRIVES capitalism and leads to the business cycle.

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Why does it seem nonsensical?

Nike was informed by Colin Kapernick.

Time to burn my Jordans.

Are you saying we didn’t have boom n’ bust cycles before the fed?

Damn I wish I knew what that means!

Take them off first.

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Yes we did. :smile:

Before the fed, different inflationary regimes were at work, particularly emissions of paper money not backed by specie, some of which date back to the colonial era.

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Well that is also nonsense.

A modern economy cannot exist without a central bank and credit liquidity.

And to say that it drives the business cycle… that is really against history.

See also … the super stable era of wildcat banking.

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So we just traded on for the other. In our fed system, we’re able to take more direct action and limit the effect on the bottom portion of society, some would say.