Nih director mask at home; no wait!



They clarified their statement. Excellent.

Which one? Suggesting parents wear useless masks in their own home if vaccinated but having unvaccinated children?
They don’t have a clue other than whatever it takes to project control over the population.



clarified <> backtracked when caught.

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How does one get caught during a live interview?

Not allowed to do that anymore. High school C students on Facebook said so.


He made his original statement a couple days ago.

He is now backtracking.

He made the statement on a live interview with CNN. He didn’t clarify his statement after getting caught because there was no intent to hide what was said. I think he misspoke and then corrected himself. If you think he is backtracking, that’s fine too.

by having their psychotic ideas and rulings called out

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I’m sure you are fine with it. Remember to extend that courtesy in the future to those you disagree with.

This is not a misspeak:

“Parents of unvaccinated kids should be thoughtful about this and the recommendation is to wear masks [at home] as well,” Collins said. “I know that’s uncomfortable. I know it seems weird but it is the best way to protect your kids.”

He knew exactly what he was saying. He didn’t “garble” anything. He got pushback, even from those on his side. He backtracked.

He was even asked to explain later in the interview.

Later in the segment, CNN anchors pressed him to further explain his position, and Collins answered:

“If you are parents who have small children under 12 at home they are susceptible for getting infected. And if the parents are out and about and might themselves be carrying the virus and you don’t want to pass that along,” he said. “So, many parents with that recommendation consider wearing masks for families at home to reduce this risk as long as the kids are unvaccinated, especially if you’re in a community that has very high transmission at the present time.”

He knew exactly what he was saying.


And on CNN where outlandishness, embellishments, hopes, lies and BS are the norm. CNN fantasy world where the meager scraps of ratings drive the consummate “fake/ phony” news agenda and opinion makers are hailed as “news anchors”?

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cnn msnbc all these other joke news orgs are pure entertainment for the haters.

absolutely nothing to do with actual reporting or real journalism anymore. thats def a thing of the past

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I don’t get why people are trying to not hurt the feeling of unvaccinated idiots. Who cares bout them they don’t give a ■■■■ bout their community just ostricize them. Catering to morons is one of the reasons china has passed us.


The soapbox 'splainin must continue, or the snot nosed snobs won’t have anything to feel superior. lol


Is that what you think this is? LOL

He can’t show you the science on his claim and he got called on it. He had to backtrack.

OH look a compassionate lib calling kids under 12 who are not eligible unvaccinated idiots and to ostricize them.

When you dehumanize your enemies it will make it easier to make that call to the govt and turn them in later for your reward. :wink:


These people funded the wuhan lab. They are stupid. They have power over us. That’s bad!