Nigeria and India resist western imperialism

Twitter recently decided to ban the President of Nigeria; Nigeria responded by banning Twitter.
Ironically Twitter responded by saying that “Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society.”

A similar thing is going on in India. Twitter has lost it shield from defamation laws, and it may be banned entirely.

This came after allegedly false and misleading tweets from so-called fact-checkers claimed that a Muslim man had been attacked by a Hindu mob as a result of religious violence.

Is Twitter attempting to impose its political orthodoxy on the rest of the world in the same way it does it in the US?

Is it appropriate that nations restrict or ban Twitter when it violates local laws?

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Good for them. Twitter is a trash heap anyway.


Seems like the Nigerian President got his hand slapped and then decided to take his ball and go home.

Twitter enforced its user agreements and Nigeria got mad.

The insolence of the elected leaders challenging Silicon Valley oligarchs.

Will the Biden Administration demand sanctions against Nigeria and India?

Or will Twitter ban Biden for spreading lies about his political opponents?

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How dare they resist these digital social experiments by foreign companies.

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Twitter isn’t western imperialism.

Twitter is what happens when a sewage pipe gains sentience.


It is exceptional sentience. (Exceptionally horrid but still). The OP wouldn’t be attacking American exceptionalism? Hmm??

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What imperialism?

They may be said to be resisting foreign-sourced Corporatism after a fashion … it’s just no one is sending in any military to say that they can’t resist.

Not even the Brits.

Maybe they need to ban Coca Cola, apple and Microsoft too.

Years ago there was this small motion sensitive sheep toy that we had in the store I helped manage and you could NOT even walk down the isle without it going off and start bleating. We hated it.

Social media where people spend their time friend farming is to my thinking kinda like a room full of those damn things and the bleating is where folks establish that they conform on a matter of interest, bleating like all the rest. Once one starts bleating the rest follow in waves. Seems like it would be really easy to manipulate.

Soon, stepping away from the literal toy here, patterns appear producing something like an intelligence, what people in the past might call a zeitgeist. These group minds have been studied.

I prefer anti-social media like discussion forums.


Heh … one provides caffeine and the other frustrating customer support…

We agree. Twitter is a form of imperialism being prosecuted by power-brokers in both hemispheres of the planet

Banning politicians from their platform was a huge mistake on their part.

Should politicians be treated as a special class of Twitter user?

Only if twitter wants to stay in business.

Using guns and armies is so 19th century.

The weapons of today include AI-driven propaganda and state-dominated private entities that enforce compliance. From what I see Twitter is just a surrogate of the CIA and other elements of the surveillance state.

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They seem to be doing ok.

The wheels of government turn slowly. But they are about to get run over.