Nick Sandmann has got another payday coming

From Nicholas Sandmann has reached a settlement with NBC in the Covington Catholic High School controversy
Sandmann announced the settlement on Twitter the terms of the settlement were confidential.

The media had lambasted the Covington Catholic High School student from Kentucky, now 19, over a confrontation at the 2019 March for Life in Washington, D.C. “At this time I would like to release that NBC and I have reached a settlement,” wrote Sandmann on Twitter, adding that the terms were confidential. Following the 2019 incident in Washington, D.C., many media outlets and Democratic politicians criticized Sandmann for a confrontation with a Native American elder at the Lincoln Memorial following the march.”

Sandmann filed 13 lawsuits after his 2019 incident when he committed the horrible crime of wearing a MAGA hat at a pro rally and smiling at a native American drummer…“His filing against NBC-Universal and MSNBC reportedly asked for $275 million in damages. CNN and the Washington Post both settled defamation lawsuits from Sandmann in 2020 for undisclosed amounts.”

I hope he’s getting rich off of these corrupt liars…I hope Kyle Rittenhouse is taking notes…Because them same people should owe him possibly an even bigger wad of cash. The disgusting frauds on these networks who randomly toss words like “racism” around like an order of French Frys at McDonalds at some point might want to understand that it’s not cool to just randomly and viciously slander anyone with whom they disagree.


Just remember kids…If you are ascribing an ounce of credibility to the MessNBC’s and the CNN’s and the Washington Posts of the world…they’ve all had to pay for the way they treated this kid.



That cool Nicholas Sandmann is leading the way, showing Kyle the pathway of how monetary retribution is done. Damn…is the timing a coincidence or could he be this year’s…st. Nick? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Good news. He deserves to be paid for the edits. It was intentional and gross


cnn, wapo, now nbc… good

awesome media we have in this babified world of morons


Rittenhouse might have an expanded list of targets. Joyless Bahar was awful to him in the View. To be honest the current president is a legit candidate to get his ass sued.

Free speech, freedom of the press is a foundational principle in this country…but when exercised irresponsibly it can be terribly harmful to real people and to to institutions of the press.

It’s interesting isn’t it that a teenager is the one making these phonies pay.


Hello…Joe…was that you labeling Rittenhouse a “white supremacist”? You may just have to put Hunter’s money, where your mouth is? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


I wonder. If it is all but a certainty that Rittenhouse gets paid and I think he will to some extent does that mean it’s all but a certainty that Dominion gets paid too?


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I’d like it to go to court and have a “discovery” and let’s find out.

They are in it now. Motion to dismiss by Fox was denied. anything? Have the cats spoken on the subject? :grin:

No…it was Antrim County that spilled the beans.

Ok did Fox argue that in their motion to dismiss?

I have not followed their case. The truth is, my professional plate is full. That said, any system that something simple, can change results to the magnitude it did, tells me it’s ripe for fraud…period.

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You go, boy. :rofl:

Let’s Go Brandon…

To the courthouse …

It’s time for Discovery!


The changes were human error. It’s been told to you numerous times but for some reason it’s still not seeping through. Oh well good luck.

…and completely unnecessary and easily avoidable.

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Disagree about it being easily avoidable especially since they all fell over each other to post the edited videos.

  • Trump’s Russian collusion: proven lies… check
  • Sandman’s attack on a poor native American: proven lies… check

Notice how the bastions of progressive liberalism are going down the tubes. Is it the universe paying them back for their crimes against integrity?

Naaaa… it’s the founding fathers up there somewhere and are pissed off that such sleazebags as MSNBC, NYT, CNN are using the constitutional protection of the press to aid in the corruption of our government, pervert justice, and deceive the American people.