Nicholas Sandman Case is alive and well

Good for him, hope he’s compensated adequately.

All the kid did is stand there and smirk, for which everyone jumped down his throat and essentially demonized him.


Who is this?

19 million sounds fair, right? lol

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Lol… He isn’t going to be awarded anything… you guys are reading way too much into this order

I just said I hope he is. Don’t know if it will happen.

I hope he gets every dime the sleazy bunch has.


Reputation? Its not like he was nationally known prior to it. His reputation is fine. He will go to college, get an education and have a good life despite it.

His reputation was trashed every way one’s reputation can be trashed and for the rest of his life people will view him with disgust because of the lies promulgated in and by the press.

Hyperbole much?

Reputation (D)epends on the context. lol



Good luck trying to prove liable its next to impossible.

In this case proving defamation is a slam dunk.

No they wont. I guarantee he will go onto live a normal life.

Your acting as if he was accused of being a paedophile, stop with the dramatics

If the kid has any sense he is milking this right now to get plenty of female companionship. Good luck to the lad.

did you read the article? the only statement they are allowed to move forward on are three in which the newspaper said he blocked the other person from leaving.

the newspaper simply need to prove they acted with the information they had at the time those statement were published and his lawyers need to prove they knowingly lied at the time those statement were published to defame him purposefully.

so for him to win they need to find a smoking gun among the editor notes.

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I’m sure he got all sorts of tail out of the deal already, but that’s so high school. In the real world, money is king. lol

LMAO, so true, but Come the real world it will be Forgotten.

Hell I had forgotten his name until the story resurfaced.

No it’s not. NYT v. Sullivan is a tough nut to crack.

Sandman is not a public official nor was he a person of notoriety prior to this story so that is not the bar for his case.

The bar is very high for public officials, celebrities etc but that’s not true in the case of private persons.

His only notoriety came as a result of the defamation in this case.

Are they any lamer than people who thought he did something terrible while a man was pounding a drum a few inches from his face then took to twitter calling for him to be put in the wood chipper?

I don’t know if the kid deserves anything other than an apology, but I hope the people that called for harm to the kid (Yes Kid) self reflect that they might should wait to pass judgment the next time a 30 second snippet of a video is released on twitter for the full story.

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