Nicholas Sandman Case is alive and well

It seems that Sandman’s legal team amended the complaint and the judge is now allowing the case to proceed.

Good for Nick and I hope he prevails.


Here is the order:

After reading the order, what is your analysis?

My “analysis” is that the case will be moving forward.

…and then comes CNN and NBC. The discovery phase may really prove interesting, especially with CNN.

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He’s still got a tall, steep climb ahead but if he can get any of these cases in front of a jury I’d say he’s got a strong chance of prevailing.

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The accusation that this was spun to promote Sandman as a racist is what will prove the most costly IMO and that’s exactly what was done.

Honestly those who continued on defaming him after the facts started to come out are the people I see with the most liability.

The story was created devoid of any facts and that’s just irresponsible journalism to the point…they’re liable. The kid’s own school was duped and jumped on the hate bandwagon. There’s no doubt the kid was very much hurt by all of this.

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And put in serious physical danger.

Discovery on 3 out of 33 claims is allowed to go forward. At that point, WP lawyers will ask for summary judgement and the case will be over.

Kid got his 15 mins of fame. I suppose lame asses will still defend him and believe he is some kind of victim

But Yet nothing at all happened to him.

He is making good money selling his story and milking it for all its worth and good luck to him, thats the American way.

He isnt going to get 250 million but I am sure if he is lucky he will get an out of court settlement which will give him a nice bank balance.

What is it you believed he did wrong?

WP isn’t going to settle this one…

No harm?

Are you joking?

This MINOR was vilified by a misinformed public and his reputation suffered immeasurable harm because of it.

Let me emphasize…He was a minor, a child, that became the rhetorical plaything of the corporate media.

I wish his lawyers and suit well.


It’s going to get dismissed after discovery on the 3 claims.

Funny how you were not so understanding of the kids who were vilified when they came out in favor of gun control.

Trust me his life is not irrevocably ruined. And if the smug git makes some money out of it then good for him.

If he cashes a big check I doubt he will be complaining to much.

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Nothing not himself its the people behind him that see a money making opportunity. To be honest the type of people behind him, or his handlers are of the same ilk of those behind Greta Thunberg i.e. using him for their purposes as Greta Thunberg handlers use her as was trotted out on this forum during her visit to the UN i.e. manipulating a kid for their political gain and as with her being used by the loony left the right wing nut right see an in using him

I won’t argue that some are now using this kid for money but that isn’t on him. He’s innocent and IS a victim.


I hope he prevails against that austere scholarly institute of journalism as well. lol