NHL season is about to start

Wow. That’s a trip? Ok… I guess the Capitals are just a bunch of ■■■■■■■ .

Holy ■■■■ they’re letting Washington do everything.

Late blindside high hit on Rust, nothing. Lars Eller falls down, trip on Pittsburgh.

Guess I know how this game will be called.

Love it! :rofl:

I bet if a penguin fell getting off the bus you’d tell the referee he missed the call!

I was impressed the refs started calling things and didn’t let Washington get away with things they normally get away with.

Now the refs are back to hammering Pittsburgh. Every little thing they do is called. Tampa can do literally anything.

If that’s boarding they better call about 20 of them on Tampa… but they won’t. Different standard.

When was the last time the pens won a game?

4th penalty in a row called on the Penguins in the period. That’s just awesome. Must be nice to be able to do no wrong.

Tussle after the whistle. Penguins to be short handed at the beginning of the third.

That was a kicked puck…

But it did not look intentional on review.

And the Penguins getting hammered with the Devils diving and not getting called at all.

■■■■■■■ God. A devil knocks the net off the moorings - it’s obvious. Stays inside the Penguins zone. What the ever-living ■■■■ .

Oh my God the intermission report was so skewed toward Montreal.

Hockey is back!!!

Hearing reports that COVID infected refs are licking the doorknobs to the Pens’ dressing room. SO typical, NHL.



He even sounds good in his closet!

Also, O Canada sounds better than The National Anthem when sung with heavy vibrato. Don’t @ me.

Landeskog should have been ejected for that hit.

I believe it.

Well if Joe Biden wins this year’s election he would problary re roll all the reopening and sports as well for another lockdown according to him in a interview.

Stupid Refs…ripped Pens off.

Go Hawks!