NFL WEEK 3: Empty Stadiums in Atlanta, Minnesota, Los Angeles | Sean Hannity

The National Football League continued to hemorrhage furious fans as the embattled organization entered its third week of the season, with attendees noting empty stadiums across the country.

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Bills Down Vikings 27-6
Sunday, Sep 23, 2018
Attendance: 66,800

U.S. Bank Stadium capacity:
66,860 (2018–present) (expandable to 73,000)

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The Mercedes Benz Arena in Atlanta has been at 98% capacity both home games this season.

The headline on this thread is a complete, bald-faced lie.

Indeed it is.

And what a completely weird thing to be rooting for anyway.

Shocked I tell you totally shocked !! Say it isn’t so a lie you say lol

Geez will cons quit ■■■■■■■ whining so much about the NFL

This thread is completely misleading, I was at the Falcons game yesterday and it was sold out…

Personally I could care less what Kaps does and what Nike does, people really know Kap isn’t all that great of a qb and that is why no team wants him at the price he is asking…

Either way shame on Hannity for posting misleading news