NFL LEGEND: Mike Ditka Tells Protesting Players to ‘Go to Another Country’ | Sean Hannity

Chicago Bears hero and NFL legend Mike Ditka didn’t hold back when asked to weigh-in on professional athletes’ protest of the national anthem, saying if you “don’t respect our country” you should go play football someplace else.

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That’s exactly what I say! If spoiled and rich brats can’t use their money & fame for anything but vague and varied protests during the National Anthem then GET OUT and go live somewhere else. I’d bet all their money that they wouldn’t get away with it in any other country.

They are not protesting the National Anthem.

Ditka is just another idiot that doesn’t have a freaking clue what is really going on.

Go play football somewhere else? Why? Those players aren’t protesting football, you idiots.

There is nothing that makes it necessary for the National Anthem to earn be played before a game, it isn’t part of the sport.