NFL CAVES: The National Football League ‘FREEZES’ Protest Ban as Players REVOLT | Sean Hannity

Just two months after announcing their unanimous decision to ban all player protests on the field, the National Football League is placing a temporary “freeze” on the new policy following a string of player complaints.

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Why do my tax dollars build stadiums, so low-intellect morons can be paid millions? Let them pay for the stadiums.

The NFL didn’t cave. The NFL execs expected teams to come up with slap on the wrist penalties. Miami came up with real penalties. NFL froze the rule.

NFL regularly regulates speech and expression. The NFL is behind this racist kneeler message. The NFL execs and owners hoped they could pay lip service to stopping the protests without actually doing anything to really stop it,.

The rule is: you can’t protest the NA.

The penalty is: no penalty except what the teams come up with.

The microsecond a team came up with a real penalty, the NFL froze the rule.

Don’t be stupid. It’s clear the NFL execs were looking for meaningless penalties like “we’ll talk to the player about it”.