NF HELL: Team Owner Says He Has ‘NO INTENTION’ of Forcing Players to Stand in 2018 | Sean Hannity

The owner of the Miami Dolphins backtracked from his previous patriotic comments this week; confirming he has “no intention” of requiring his players to stand during the performance of the US national anthem.

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Whoever is giving the NFL players and owners advice needs to be cut. The players are free to improvise during game play , of that there is no argument. If a player would decide to intentionally fumble and not try to recover , that is his choice. The player may personally feel anguish about his decision to “protest fumble” after but at least he isnt transferring the anguish to another group. I believe many more people would support this type of protest instead of showing disrespect to the universal symbol of the people who want to support your causes off the field.
A defensive back could take a knee when the ball is snapped and let his receiver have a free run from the line , he decides how he covers his man in between the whistles.
The NFL players would no doubt reply that is crazy they wouldnt hurt their own team , but arent they?
Kapernick , during his playing days could have went and kneeled in front of a local police station with a gaggle of reporters and actually made a difference.
I just want to ask the players one question. What has your current tactics accomplished so far?


This subject is so played out and boring.

NF Hell. I love it.

Black men who refuse to show fealty belong in hell. This has to end, one way or another.

Good for him. Forced patriotism isn’t real patriotism.

wink wink…somewhere else, I am seeing trumpanzees argue AGAINST an anti-lynching bill in Congress…could the two subjects be related?


Oh my yes…and when it’s pointed out that who could possibly be against an anti-lynching bill, they get hostile…talk about some amazing optics right there.

Patriotic comments?

What a crock of bull hockey.

Patriots don’t force American citizens to stand against their will, citizens who are by not standing during the National Anthem peacefully making a silent, but loud petition for the redress of grieviences.

I hope the ratings and ticket sales continue to suffer.

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Unlike the flailing and failing Orioles who can’t even get 50% attendance, nearly every NFL team enjoys sold out stadiums.

Must suck to have such a crappy team and even more pathetic fan base. Shaking my damn head at how bad they all are.

Maybe once you deal with your ■■■■ team you can comment on the NFL.

Well we can’t all have a fan base that shuts down the stadium for rioting, looting and harassing innocent fans as they enjoy local businesses. You got me there. Jealous??

In all of the weak-assed attempts to goad me about the Orioles I’ve never seen the idiots doing it actually discuss their favorite team or even baseball in general. No doubt because they know absolutely nothing about baseball.

Your opinion on my favorite sports teams means even less to me than your opinion on politics. But keep at it. I don’t really care.

Because…this is a big part of your life?

Unbelievable … democrats dont even know that lynchings were only committed by democrats against Republicans.