Next stop (most likely) court -- Dem's don't get Don's taxes by deadline

worst thing for all of his friends(former ) and family

look at what happened to his sister. she had to step down and retire early because of a probe into her fiances

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Barry, 82, had retired after filing to officially leave the bench last month. After being inactive for more than two years, she filed for retirement 10 days after a probe into her conduct was announced, according to the Times.

Yes she weaseled out of it…what was the term…? Pleading the 5th admits your guilt?

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that is a very good question. i wonder who asked it?

maybe this video of a particular person running for a particular office will help


■■■■■■■ liars all of them…all of them

Watching supposedly intelligent people jump in front of a train to protect Donald Trump keeps leaving me amazed.


The Trump Train is something beyond invincible at this point.

I love how no matter what the subject Trump chooses to pontificate on, there’s the Ghost of Trump Past to bitch slap him. :rofl:


You DO see the flaw in your reasoning here, right? Hint: what has EVERY nominated Presidential candidate, EXCEPT ONE, done for the past 40+ years?

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They truly do live in an alternate universe.

It’s funny when someone says this and doesn’t realize they’re the ones in bizzaro world. But good on you for loving Berkeley.

Trump to Republicans during the campaign: I’ll show you my taxes.

Trump supporters now: Hell no, don’t show anyone your taxes.

That’s funny. Some people are fighting against finding out who the leader of our country is indebted to. It’s not just his tax returns that Republicans should want to see.

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I would love some transparency with his President. If he has nothing to hide, then release his taxes.

Birthers hounded Obama for years, making all sorts of crazy claims. Obama released his birth certificate to ■■■■ them up.

Right, hundred year old law, bit of a problem there, in the time since it’s passage other laws have been passed making all returns private except under specific circumstances. As in 6103 of the internal revenue code, passed in 1954.

Ummmm… that makes absolutely no sense… “6103 of the internal revenue code” is the IRS restating federal law. The changes to 26 USC 6103 in 1954 did not change the disclosure to congressional committees section of the law.

Last year, the IRS disclosed over 151 million tax returns and/or tax return information to congressional committees. Not a peep from the GOP…


Will never ever get to SCOTUS.

Sorry, it’s a trump supporter pipe dream.


Agreed… the house has been very thorough in preparing for court… The house joint committee on taxation published a nice 60 page report on confidentiality back in feb…

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Thank you for this post.

You missed the point.

It’s clear that Congress has constitutional authority to legislate disclosures of private information for people in positions of power.

That’s the point.

Anything on his taxes should be on his financial disclosure. Why not have doj compare the two? Isnt that their job yo investigate things like that?

I think its a pretty safe bet Meuller had access to his tax returns, if there was anything illegal to find in them he would have.