Next stop (most likely) court -- Dem's don't get Don's taxes by deadline

I agree with this 1000%.

Challenge it in court. Let the Supreme court rule once and for all if congress can go on an open ended, political based, we need something, anything to embarass this president fishing expedition.

The Trump administration missed a Wednesday deadline set by Democrats to hand over the president’s tax returns, as the two sides edge closer to an epic legal battle that could rise all the way to the Supreme Court.

In a letter released Wednesday evening, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he needs more time to consider House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal’s demand while also making clear the administration looks dimly on the request.

Let congress try and prove to a judge they NEED Trumps tax returns for some type of legislative purpose, they need to examine SIX years of the returns to come up with something they can legislate.

I hope the courts shoot the dems down.

I havn’t seen it anyplace else but on politico or I would have used a different source. I know there are some here who question that source.

and the letter in case you miss the link, so you know what the article is based on.

And 20 seconds after I post CNN has the story. So for our resident libs, here’s the CNN take :smiley:


I’m waiting for all the NON 1 percenter Democrat Politicians who are just like the
little guy/ American People to set the Good Example, and release
all of their taxes first. lol.

Also look into the NON 1 percenters rich wise in America that are Democrat
donors. I’d Love to see a list of how many Billionaire donors/backers the
Democratic Party has!!!

And I’m sure that the American people would also?
To bad we can’t take a look at all of the Billionaire Democrat donors taxes? lol.

This is only happening because they hate Trump so much, and Trump just keeps
destroying them overall, and at this point they’re simply trying to get anything on him, even if it means throwing up a hail marry, or making anything up.

Than again, that’s what they’ve been doing from the start of his presidency.
Trump/Russian Collusion!!! The Democrat Politicians, and Liberal Fake News
Media is loosing its credibility in general with the American people, and
it’s really fun to watch!!!

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But he died so he isnt a criminal!

That’s what they’re saying.

It won’t get to the Supreme Court. It’s open and shut. There’s no rational argument against it.

Its really pathetic

OP, if you’d take your MAGA hat off, you’d see that Congress has a legitimate oversight case for looking into his taxes. Even at a quick glance, you’d see that the ~100 year old law was specifically created so the Executive branch could be checked by the Legislative. Why are you defending the shady actions of a person who has pledged numerous times to release his taxes, only to have him do otherwise? Don’t you want to know how the tax law he pushed has affected him? Don’t you want to know what his financial conflicts-of-interests are?


No, no they don’t.

And it has never been challenged in court. This will be it’s first challenge, and it will more than likely go to the supreme court. Then it will be decided if the law is constitutional or not (you know that congress can request ANY tax return or ANY reason – or if that is a violation of the constitution being so vague)

As a taxpayer, it’s his choice, and should be his alone if he wants to publicly release his taxes. And make no mistake, once the D’s get his taxes they WILL go public with them no matter what.

Then have everyone who voted on the taxes release their before the law and after the law returns to see how it effected them all. Trump didn’t write it, Trump didn’t make changes to it. It was CONGRESS that wrote and passed the bill and sent it to Trump to sign. He was only one of three parts of the process. How did it effect all the other 435 who voted on it?

We know that. You know his legally required finacial disclosure form he fills out every year, just like every president before him and every congress critter does.

If they really want to see how the law that requires an audit of a sitting president is working . . . then they should request the two years of President Trumps, and several years of Obama, and several years of the presidents before him. See if they find any mistakes in ALL of them. THEN they will know if that law is working.

If they think there is something missing between his taxes and financial disclosures, reguest DOJ to compare the two and if in violation of the disclosure law, charge accordingly.

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You erased my link which had commentary on what trumps sister did?


Off topic to what the thread is about.

Start on on her if you wish. As a Judge resigning it fits into the politics section.

Doesn’t that obviate any claim that he wishes to maintain privacy?

The thread is about taxes and trump…trumps sister is also about taxes which stem back from their father who cheated on his taxes as well…

No it’s very much on topic because its all connected…

Im just going to go back to ignoring you. Clearly engaging you in your own thread is a waste of my time.


I hope he does challenge it in court. Then there wont be any excuses on either side regardless of the decision.

If its decides that congress cant request such documentation. Then all politicians can go back to not releasing information. If it goes the other way which i believe it will, we can all see just what Trump seems to be hiding.

No it doesn’t.

It ask for a few things that would show on taxes, and shows other things that are not reported on a person’s taxes.

The law they used to request the taxes – I think will be found unconstitutionally vuage. It doesn’t just deal with the president. It’s a law that say congress can request and person tax returns for any reason.

this has nothing to do with anything other than Trump supporters trying to keep congress (oversight) from seeing if Trump is indebted to entities like the Russian mob.

America first.

I would say that All County Building Supply and Maintenance has a direct connection to the President.

His sister also being investigated for that is relevant to Congress looking at his taxes.

Not only did his former lawyer testify in front of Congress that the President committed insurance and bank fraud, but there is a reallly really good chance that he is using or has used the same illegal wealth transfer to his children that he used with his siblings and their father.

I don’t understand this need to defend someone who is probably hiding crime.

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You are right it doesn’t just deal with the president, but thats not the point. Congress have oversight in FBI matters. The fact congress hasn’t felt the need to utilize it to this point is a matter of two reasons. #1 They have no reason to look into the common mans tax returns to craft legislation. #2 No present day politician has intentionally tried to hide such info particularly after saying they would volunteer it.

What you aren’t correct about at least I believe is that the courts will say they don’t have such power and that includes the SCOTUS. You aren’t going to like the results either way it falls.

Being president was the greatest and worst thing for him…

law and order

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