Next potential target for Trump's tariffs: the Bible

It looks like the latest round of tariffs on China will have an interesting effect - it could cause a shortage of copies of the Bible. Currently, many of the Bibles sold are printed in China. Printing of the Bibles is seen as something where there is low risk of US technology being stolen, so it makes sense to print them there.

These tariffs could make these Bible more expensive, resulting in a shortage of Bibles and causing financial stress to ministries that distribute Bibles free of charge to people.

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Just like farmers, Christians are willing to suffer a little today for the long term goal of making America better tomorrow.


In the name of the father, the dollar and the Holy power… Amen


Very few Christians read their bible anyways.


Especially the parts about loving other people in need/less fortunate.

Does anyone ever wonder if Jesus Christ has already come back and is being rejected entry at the border of the richest countries of the world?


Middle eastern guy, born in Judea, crossed into Egypt under questionable circumstances, returns to Judea equally questionable. National identity not clear, but one finds the Palestinians are now claiming he is one of them. Known associate of people questioning the religious hierarchy. Not a chance that Jesus guy could get a visa to the United States today.

Remember when Trump was asked what his favorite verse was and he said ‘It’s personal’ and then wether he was an old or new testament guy, and his answer was ‘probably equal’?

That was funny.


It was pathetic.

There was a post here this morning that claimed few liberals are Christians.

I read the Bible every night. You?

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Do you read the Koran every night?

A shortage of Bibles? Now I’ve heard everything.

Just steal one from a hotel. I did that with the Book of Mormon.

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It’s not like folks are reading the Word anyway. Many within the body of Christ have bibles collecting dust. So I don’t see this being an impact.

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No. I have looked it though. Do you? I don’t understand the relevance of your question given your previous claim.

The Gideon’s will not be pleased.

But I think the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints might approve. I’m sure that hotel probably had a closet full of Book of Mormons. Someone who takes a Book of Mormon from a hotel is probably ten times more likely to convert.

You asking if I read the Bible every night is like me asking if you read the Koran every night.


Very appropriate.

He’s dodging the question. He has a right to do so but it is a dodge.

I guess the tariffs aren’t all bad.