Newspaper Endorsements

Are they relevant anymore? You can guarantee who a newspaper is going to endorse by their political leanings. The NY Times hasn’t endorsed a republican since the 1950s.

I saw today that The NY Times has endorsed two democrats (Warren, Klobuchar) and I’m not really sure why. They’re so enamored they just can’t pick one?

Why are these relevant at all? They do nothing but turn off readers who can be swayed by their ideological leanings.

I have no idea why the times decided they needed to make an endorsement in the primaries at this time. Or at any time during the primaries. It makes no sense and kind of ticks me off.

I heard that in 2018 the nyt told warren that a woman can’t win the presidency.


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What about during the presidential election? I know they’re going to endorse the democrat… that doesn’t want to make me read the times or editorials- I don’t want to be lectured by a bunch of left-wingers. What purpose do they serve?

I’ve heard that rumor floating around too. :sunglasses:

I pay no attention to them. They are almost all left wing papers now.

They had a nice conservative paper in Nashville at one time but the lib paper bought them out and closed them the very next day.

All too much of that has gone on across the country i think.

Does anyone honestly care what some newspaper says?