News Blindspots

Give us example.

There is always a grave danger when the bulk of the “news media” is clearly biased politically.

A “Free press” is not essential to liberty, a “Free and Unbiased Press” is essential to liberty.

Politics corrupts virtually everything it touches.

LOL so what. What does that even mean anymore? PHD in political science…too ■■■■■■■ funny.

It means she’s a leftist with a degree that impresses other leftists.

Or well indoctrinated. :wink:

Trump’s grandfather came from Germany. Is that something he is supposed to hide?

For comparison, consider Biden’s statements at his recent news conference:

My observation is that media on the left are quick to label practically anything that Trump says as a “lie”. Honest mistakes or slips of the tongue are still lies. So is rhetoric and hyperbole. Meanwhile they ignore the massive amount of confusion and misinformation coming from Biden.

Life is simple in a news bubble.

Trump said multiple times his father was born in Germany.

And what was the family lore he learned growing up relative to same?

Until fairly recently we all believed my oldest paternal male ancestor came from Germany, a deep dive into our genealogy proved that to be in error. In fact it turns out our relationship to that side of the family was through adoption.

I bet you know where your dad was born.

Trump has made that claim during his time in office as president of the USA.

Only because we had 3 generations born in the same hospital delivered by the same doctor.

At least which country.

So if only two generations were born there, everybody would have forgotten where your father was born?

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Do USA birth certificates list the places of birth of the month and father of the child?

We probably wouldn’t have ever discussed it since it’s pretty irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

I only learned about it because of a discussion with the doctor over coffee after he delivered my niece.

Can anyone explain why Biden would make a big deal about holding a bible upside-down?

Can anyone explain why he claimed Trump did that when it is clear that he did not?

Did Biden deliberately lie? Or is he just so mentally confused that the statements makes sense to him?

CNN and the other media jackals from the left would be running this story 24-hours a day if Trump did anything remotely close to this. Yet Biden does stuff like this all the time without any notice.

Living in the news bubble on the left comes close to experiencing mass hypnosis or hallucinations.

Because it sounded good and you can never erase a first impression especially with true believers.

As far as Trump’s alleged lie about his father coming from Germany

A definition of father is:
“any male ancestor, especially the founder of a family or line; progenitor.”

Here is the bio for Frederick Trump:

Frederick Trump certainly meets the definition of father noted above.

Are you going to correct the fact-checker?

The family went back and forth for a few years so there was legitimate confusion.

Being inaccurate doesnt’ make it a lie and we have no idea what the family stories were.

DNA tracing and genealogy research prove a lot of family lore to be inaccurate.

Example: Reporting on Fauci testimony before Congress. Fox concentrated on the part where he said he worked well with the President and they mostly agreed. CNN concentrated on the part where Jordan was trying to pressuring him into blaming recent protests for spreading the disease. They were both right…each concentrating on what their viewers wanted to read.

The real power of the press is not bias by slanting how they report specific news, its their power to determine what is news and what is not news.
If your favored news outlet didn’t report it, it didn’t happen.