New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


They are not the government.


Who signs their paychecks?


The Australian sheep jokes have nothing to do with sheep.


Yeah! And the Australian Shepherd didn’t come from Australia at all!


The police? Of course they are. That’s just silly.


By any definition they are agents of and the enforcement arm of the gov’t.


No-one signs their paychecks (sic).


What is silly is the assertion that the police are the government. It shows an ignorance of NZ and Australian society that is truly amazing and mind boggling.


What is patently clear is the significant lack of knowledge of how things work in Australian and New Zealand by some posters on this forum. This lack of knowledge has been shown by several statements by several posters with respect to the egging of a certain senator is just one such example. The claim that the police are the government is another example.


Every check drawn requires a signature if not more than one.


Show us then under Aussie and NZ laws where the Police are not agents of the state.


The assertion fro Samm “The police ARE the government”. If you wish to recant from that assertion, you are perfectly at liberty to do so.


Your poor attempts to parse your way out of this are failing.

“The Police” are by definition Gov’t agents and the enforcement arm of the State.


Check one, two, three. Do you mean cheque?


The claim was “The police ARE the government”. There is no parsing.

What has been shown is a complete ignorance of how things work in Australian society.


You aren’t helping your case any.


What case would that be?


His family and friends couldn’t tell the difference. He reminds me of an uneducated version of the Anders Breivik. Both of these people were loners completely isolated. Both went too painstaking efforts to look as normal as possible and not leave a digital trail, and both planned their attacks for years in isolation (think Unibomber) in Breikivs case.

If you really want to get scared read Anders Breivik’s manifesto. Even in your all white round up he would have not stood out.


That’s not quite true, though. The world has changed.

You can remain socially isolated all day - and then go home and go online, and see all of those negative feelings be reflected back at you and amplified from other socially iaolated people on the internet.

The internet has made this worse.

I don’t know how to solve this. But I recognize the problem.


Stop being obtuse. Cops work for the government. By definition, they are agents of the government.