New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


No, you are wrong. You dont know ■■■■ about the NRA.


No…im not…beem around you long enough…always going to move those goal posts


It’s not an excuse, it’s their mission statement.


There was no goal post shift. You made a statement, it was wrong.


Uh huh…keep digging…im enjoying it.


They still do all that.


I guess what they say is true, ignorance is bliss. :wink:


I never claimed they didnt?


I wouldn’t know


Another admission? Have you had an epiphany?


No, that would be a completely lawful and appropriate use of force since he had just assaulted the Senator.

Try doing the same thing to a US Senator at a news conference and let us know how it works out.


He cites the “Hunter Safety Program” as his example.

It’s about safety in the field, not hunting.



But how could it be about safety? The animal dies, right?

I love it when liberals pontificate on things they know nothing about. :wink:


No wonder you spend so much time laughing your ass off here.


It was White Nationalists…you can’t tell ordinary whites from White Nationalists, so you need to round up all the white people just to make sure you got them all.


Yeah, but only the Australian variety are known to shoot up Mosques.

“Australia for the Aborigines … and immigrants of color.”

Their new National motto.

It’s better than “Australia … a nation of sheep.” Don’t you think? :wink:


The police are not the government.On what basis can you make that claim?

With respect to your last question to the best of y knowledge he has not been charged with any crime; let alone had a court trial and found guilty. On that basis the answer is none.


I find your post above reprehensible in the extreme. I have never said that Australia has been perfect in our dealings with the indigenous peoples of Australia since 1788. I am not happy with the current Federal government but we will have a chance to redress that situation around May this year.

It is indicative of your “knowledge” of Australia when you think that sheep jokes resonate in Australia. For almost 100 years Australia’s prosperity rode on the sheep’s back due to the quality of our merino wool.


Why would a 17 year old Aussie need to egg a US Senator? Do you have racist US Senators?

I know that you be interested to know the fund raising for eggboy is now over $79,000. The funds raised will go to the victims of the terrorist attack in Christchurch.


The police are not the gov’t? They are the enforcement arm of the gov’t by definition.