New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


80 billions


Let me get this straight. You won’t talk about what you think your gun laws should be, but you are willing to tell me what you think mine should be. I don’t even know how to respond to such foolishness.


You could use a pair. :wink:


Not enough. Build more.


I agree that 18C should be strengthened now; but the reality is that it won’t happen until there is a change of government. The election is likely to occur sometime in May, so the reality is that it can’t happen until the second half of this year.

I am unaware of any charges of assault that “eggboy” is facing. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to believe that he would “start slinging bullets instead of eggs”. What the senator wrote was disgusting in the extreme.


But throwing eggs at the Senator is not extreme? :roll_eyes:


Wrong again. I said SPECIFICALLY “If you want me to speak to your gun laws feel free to ask me.”.

Let me point out that the title of this topic is about NZ gun laws changing and why can’t we (USA) change ours.


Did you not see the “s”?


I’m questioning your commitment on wrongspeak.

Unindicted felon. Sure there is. Eggs are a known gateway projectile.


He did not throw eggs at the senator. He cracked an egg on the senator’s scone.

When one compares the egging of the senator compared to what the senator has said, no I so not consider what eggboy did as extreme. Also, in the context of what was said to Julia Gillard, eggboy’s egging was not extreme.


Pacified yes, civilized no.

How long does it take for the looting to start after a major disaster?


.07 seconds. Google speed.


No it isn’t. No gun ever committed a murder.


Hell, why not just drag all white people into concentration camps while you’re at it? After all, white people did this, right?


We? You’ve never even been to this country.


I know that’s what you said. That is precisely why I responded as I did. You said very emphatically that you wanted Australia to strengthen its gun laws. Asking you for specifics about what changed you want is completely in line with the OP topic.


Yep people just point their fingers and say bang.


The Senator expressed an opinion. Egg Boy committed assault. Seems an extreme response to me.


No need to round up all white people, just Australians. That’ll do it. :wink:


I don’t have to sate your curiosity.