New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


They have no actual constitution. Their “Constitution” is merely the sum total of all of their national laws.

The Constitution of New Zealand is the sum of laws and principles that make up the body politic of the realm. It concerns the relationship between the individual and the state, and the functioning of government. Unlike many other nations, New Zealand has no single constitutional document. The Constitution Act 1986 comprises only a portion of the uncodified constitution, along with a collection of statutes (Acts of Parliament), the Treaty of Waitangi, Orders in Council, letters patent, decisions of the courts and unwritten conventions.


Only until repeaters were invented.


lol!.. Did you know the British had invented a breech loading rifle before the revolution, but the brass was not impressed with it. The guy who lost a kings mountain invented it. Probably would have won if he had had those. And just as an aside kings mountain is a major turning point in the war. Very interesting story. The over the hill boys decide to hunt him down and shoot him, and do… Should have been a movie. The movie “the Patirot” has some hints of it…


Most people are pretty civilized.

Until the ■■■■ hits the fan…


Yep, like everything ever posted in the original forum.

But now you have the opportunity to set the record straight. What “tightening” do you feel is necessary to patch the holes in Australia’s draconian gun laws?


Nope. Fewer people means fewer killings regardless of the number of guns. You don’t think guns kill on their own without people, do you?


This society is no more civilized that it was in 1880.


Lets say that there’s 100,000 killing’s a year, for there to be less would require a population of less than 100,000.


Since the premise of your question is wrong, there is nothing to answer.


That argument is unquestionably devoid of logic.

NZ has announced that their gun law changes will be legislated within the next three weeks.


Outstanding. Strike while the barrel is hot!

How are you doing on those wrongspeak laws?


You are right, but that mathematical certainty has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of guns those people have.


Denial is easy when you know that the evidence has been destroyed. But that does not mean the premise is wrong. Several (many?) people in this thread remember your lengthy participation in those discussions in the original Forum, and what your position was.

That said, my question has no connection to what was said before. I’m following up on what you said in this thread. You said that you want your gun laws to be strengthened. What specific strengthening of your gun laws do you advocate that will resolve some unspecified loophole(s) in the current law?


I have 100,000


What it does show is a government and more importantly the NZ people want those changes to be implemented.

With respect to “wrongspeak laws” section 18C will be strengthened in the second half of 2019. The gofundme page for “eggboy” that was setup for his legal fees and to buy more eggs had an initial target of $2,000 that was then changed to $50,000 to honour the 50 killed in the terrorist attack has now reached $78,498. Eggboy has said that all money raised will go to the victims of the terrorist attack.


Apparently you know as little about logic as you do guns.


And trillions of bullets? :wink:


I will be passing on my thoughts as to what should be done with respect to Australia’s gun laws to hopefully the new member in my House of Reps electorate.

If you want me to speak to your gun laws feel free to ask me.


Tennis balls anyone.


Why so long? You need to stop wrongspeak NOW!

Congratulations on financially supporting a juvenile delinquent for committing assault. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll put an eye out next time.

How will you feel when he starts slinging bullets instead of eggs?