New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


No can do. It was ages ago in the old Forum. You remember?


Hey, it was your idea. If, as you say, people are killing people, obviously if there are fewer people there will be fewer killings.


So it was an unsubstantiated claim with no basis in fact.


I do. Pure virtue signaling.


Since we will still have the same number of guns the killings continue.


Beanie babies…


From what ive seen its a cultural thing. New Zealand doesnt have the same gun interests that people have here…so its a lot easier to be less militant over something. They are what the nra used to be till it turned into a psycho cult.


Less than 100 years ago govt took away people guns and killed millions and enslaved billions of people… Those who don’t know history…


How many countries have a population of 1 US billion or more? Of those very few countries which ones enslaved their people?


Jesus owned an AK


I need an AK as an anxiety aid… And I can’t fully express my gender without open carry.


It absolutely has a basis in fact, you two were not the only two participants in the thread.


No, we have tens of thousands of more legal firearms going into circulation every day while the Homicide rate continues to fall.

Ove 80% of the murders in this country are related directly to gangs and drugs in a handful of major cities and they are committed overwhelmingly by people who can’t even possess, much less purchase a firearm legally.

Want to make a dent in the problem start there with the people are most likely to commit, and have committed such crimes and leave the rest of us the hell alone.


Horse hockey, the NRA has never supported bans on Semi Autos and hasn’t supported any bans period since the 70’s/early 80’s when they promoted the ban on Saturday Night Specials.


That would be China today. The entire Soviet Block, N. Vietnam, N. Korea, Communist Laos and Cambodia along with VZ and Cuba along with a smattering of other Communist/Socialist dictatorships over the last half century combined for another billion plus.


It was muzzle loader get your facts straight.


Advanced military weapon of the time…


The most advanced military weapon of the revolutionary era was the rifled, Kentucky Long Rifle which enabled our militiamen to accurately negate the enemy at 3 times the range the enemy could engage them.

It was so effective Washington had similar rifles issued to the troops.


We have rising antisemitism on the left again… Remember it was National socialism that did it…


Yes, and a well regulated militia shoots at 3 shots a minute.