New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


Even have my “baby killer” medals for pistol and rifle from my time in the Navy. (For those who don’t know, to get the medal as opposed to just the ribbon, you have to shoot Expert)


Not a fan.


So that’s not a good reason to pass a reactionary law, right?


That’s true I also read we’re Baltimore was now listed as the most dangerous city in the US.


You are the danger that my 2nd Amendment right protects me from.



So are you free to buy and carry a semi auto handgun in Australia or not?


Mind boggling, truly mind boggling. Congrats.


What is it you can’t understand about Comet’s statement?

If the perp had been shot at any point prior to his last shot being fired the casualties would have been reduced.

Had he been shot when he first entered the Mosque showing ill intent he would have been the only casualty.

How was he finally stopped? By men with guns.


Ok, if you say so.


Wikipedia might have it wrong but it looks as of 2014 New Zealand had 0.11 homicides by gun deaths to every 100,000 people, with a gun ownership of one out of four people.

Anywhere else that would be considered a major success and as low as countries with very tough gun laws.


Overwhelmingly Kiwis are supportive of the gun law changes announced by PM Ardern.


Yes, it does. You would think that would be enough to make people realize it’s idiocy, but no…they’re just not that sharp.


Why? You told us a while back that the previous “strengthening” of your gun laws had done the trick and ended all mass shootings. What has changed?


You are right. We should strive for zero population growth.


That’s a false narrative. Per capita gun rates are not based on who actually owns the guns it’s simply the number of guns divided by overall population.

Very few gun owners own only one gun, they tend to be collectors with collections of at least three or more.

In the US it’s estimated we have more guns that people, that certainly doesn’t equate to everyone owning 1.X number of guns.

In reality, only about 40% of homes report at least one gun in the home so obviously the average is probably closer to 4-6 guns per owner.


It’s the people who are the problem, not the guns.

Switzerland has the 3rd highest per capita gun ownership rate in the world yet come in at 147th for highest intentional homicide rate.

Obviously the guns aren’t the problem.


Please provide the post where I said and I DO quote “You told us a while back that the previous “strengthening” of your gun laws had done the trick and ended all mass shootings.”


Just watched a QI episode with the title “non sequiturs”. Very apposite I think to describe the above post.


That won’t help.


Yes they are.