New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


So…you are using your rights under the 2nd Amendment to fix that, right?


Not time yet. It’s trending my way right now.


Of course it is…but I have to wonder what you are waiting for? Aren’t your rights just as valuable now?


Particularly this one:


Absolutely, revolution is serious business.


So…why haven’t you used your guns to get that freedom you have lost back?


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And when they did arm themselves, often the results were shocking. To their oppressors.





Something odd in your arguments. You say that you have guns to stay free and yet complain you are not as free as we Americans used to be. Why? Aren’t you using your guns to get back to the freedom we used to have?


The PROMISE of a Bill of Rights…which fortunately was kept a few years later.


Fighting from Texas now? By doing what?


Oh no you don’t you sneaky little hoplophobe!


Was that post addressed to me?


Yes, for trying to get my battle plans.


Why call me a hoplophobe?


Because you fear guns.


I do? News to me since I own and know how to use several.


Ok, if you say so.


Hopefully they can change or tighten up their murder laws as well. Tougher murder laws are in order.


And how do liberals feel about the Patriot Act?

Like it should never have been passed?