New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


You will when you are married


I have an idea of the word you are referring to; if it is the one I think it is then you have lost the argument. I would point it was not me that created the topic.


Except that’s not happening.


We have a problem with people using guns to kill people, and your solution is to have more of the things that are causing the problem.


No, it applies. The other word I could use is stupid but I don’t think that applies, so I won’t use it. If your philosophy causes you to think and move backwards then the word applies. I can’t use stupid because I see you type and nothing leads me to believe you are stupid, so it’s something else.


2nd Amendment


It’s one of the most beautiful countries with delightful people in the world. But you say it’s a terrible place…why do you think it’s terrible?


So…if you do not put your faith in government to insure our freedoms, what DO you put your faith in?


And how have you let that happen?


Roxie made it all up…that’s why there is no link.


I was busy for the first part of it, not woke for some of it and fighting it from Texas now.



Don’t forget the phallic symbology.


On occasion?!?!!?!

It’s every other week.


Maybe some of us just believe in exercising our rights to be able to own something. If you don’t want to own it fine. I chose to. I am by far a gunhugger, I do believe in my right to exercise ownership.


More so in St. Louis


Sounds like the impetus for the Patriot Act.


So…if you have less freedom than what you used to have, why aren’t you using your guns to fix that?


How does that help your case?


So why aren’t you using your guns to rectify that?