New Zealand: "Our gun laws will change." Why them and not us?


You claimed that Australian gun laws do not limit your freedom. I just proved otherwise.


Lol. Not married tho.


That is just ridiculous. I cannot think of a single circumstance where the use of a semi-automatic (putting aside the legality of a semi-automatic) would be legal under current laws in Australia.


So any law that says you can’t do something limits your freedom?


Not at all. If you want to live as a subject with a boot on your neck, that’s your choice.


It is patently clear to this Aussie that it is a foreign concept to some citizens of the USA that we Aussies do not possess the emotional need that can only be filled with one or more semi-automatics. It seems to be incomprehensible to some.


Get some wrongspeak laws going while you’re at it. Don’t forget to outlaw mean looks too.



Surrender it is.

If one person had been carrying even a handgun during this incident perhaps he would have only killed four or five instead of 50. Think about that.


I hope Section 18C is tightened in the second half of 2019.


Me too. Like a vise.


Once again the psyche of the USA comes to the fore.


English please.


Has nobody told westaussie that there are currently more guns in the hands of Australians now than before the buy back happened?


Ok so?

I don’t want to change your country. Your house your rules.

So why do you feel that we need to change our views on firearms? If you want to surrender your arms to the government that’s fine. We aren’t like that.


That is English.


I am advocating the strengthening of our gun laws.


And for that I am personally grateful that we Aussies and Kiwis are different.

I have never tried to hide where I live as evidenced by my profile name. I don’t believe that there is a restriction on this site one must be at the least domiciled in the US.

I am sure if there is that restriction my profile would have been reported to the moderators.

Also, I am not delusional that anything I say would change the mind of some of the posters I have interacted with on this forum. I do think that some posters on here are interested in an Aussie perspective. I would say a left perspective but I thought that left was redundant.


Dont ruin the joke…


Don’t always go by statistics. There is a reason why they are considered one of the 3 types of lies. I am 52 and have lived in the USA all of my life in many different places. I have yet to hear a gun being fired in my entire life outside a gun range or me doing the firing. If you stay out of trouble this is a pretty safe place to live. Now inner cities late at night you’re going to find trouble. That’s where we start to build statistics.

On occasion we’ll have a mass shooting. It’s made worse because everyone being shot at is unarmed and can’t fight back. And your logical solution is to unarm more people? That’s…I’m not going to use the R word because it offends people and I don’t want my post removed, but it applies here. I’m not going to allow the occasional maniac to remove my ability to defend myself.


I guess I didn’t get it. Sorry.