New Zealand Gun Ban After Christchurch Shooting

A gun ban?

Tragedies lead people to do stupid and irrational things. A gun ban is the dumbest thing every proposed. No surprise some Democrats are praising it.

Or, just let Kiwi’s decide what they believe is best for them.


Typical knee jerk reaction by the anti gun mob. There’s no evidence to show that having an AR made any difference at all in this attack.

Its an issue for New Zealand. It has zero impact on the United States.

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It will be a huge issue in New Zealand in a few years when the deer and hare populations have overrun the country.

So, you’re sure we won’t have to listen to some idiot elected democrat drone on about how banning guns solved NZ’s mass shooting problem so we should follow their lead? Can I get that in writing?

Was it a big problem in NZ to begin with?

Thats a ridiculous request. I have no control over what someone will say or not say. Just like you as a supporter of Trump has no control over what he says.

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Yes i am sure that New Zealand will cease to exist in a few years. :roll_eyes:

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It wasn’t a big problem in Australia either, didn’t stop gun grabbing democrats pretending their gun ban solved it.

So it doesn’t have zero impact here does it?

Then I’d say that was a false narrative. The whole point I was making.

New Zealand will be fine. America? Not so much

It will be, just like Australia is. “Them, why not us?” It’s already started.

Love it!



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I honestly don’t agree with an all out gun ban. IMO it’s knee jerk reactionary and when people take action too quickly due to emotions, bad things tend to happen or in this case a policy is haphazardly put into place that would do more harm than good. However, I do give them credit for trying address the issue, but it has to be well thought out. Here in America I already know we not going to do anything. I mean ■■■■ if we didn’t do anything when 20+ babies were snuffed out, that is a clear indication we don’t give a crap…F those kids just give us our f’n guns is our stance.

FTR…I’m a gun owner, I have several so I’m not anti guns. I just question the type of people who can easily access them.

Damn…I sure hope this doesn’t backfire on New Zealanders.

New Zealand already had much more restrictive gun laws than the US.

And, on a completely unrelated note, a much lower homicide rate.

They need need assault rifles, high capacity magazines and military style semi automatic rifles to keep the deer and rabbits at bay to prevent the collapse of a western economy/government?