New Yorker Magazine Fact Checker Talia Lavin Resigns After Calling ICE Agent a Nazi

Talia Lavin accused Justin Gaertner, a combat-wounded Marine veteran and ICE forensic analyst, of being a Nazi sympathizer on her Twitter account. She thought a tattoo on his elbow looked like d the iron cross. In actuality it was a titan 2 and was the symbol of his unit in Afghanistan.

I guess she should have checked her facts.

this is what the Trump Derangement Syndrome has done to people.

We see it here alot.

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Well, Trump is literally Hitler, soooooooooooooooo…


The biggest bias in fact checking is deciding which facts to check.


That’s some deep stuff right there Doug.

Don’t call someone a Nazi unless you can back it up.

Thanks for the all purpose sarcasm.

That wasn’t sarcasm.


I always said we need to fact check the fact checkers.

“To Justin Gaertner, I apologize, sincerely: all I saw in you was the photo ICE tweeted, and not the human being depicted inside it. It was uncharitable, and the hasty deletion doesn’t change that. I’m sorry and I have voluntarily resigned after three years at the New Yorker,” she tweeted."

Good for her

What a witch.

You can’t go around making claims people are Nazis on a whim

Hey, she claims in was an error in good faith.

Yeah and then did the right thing and resigned

How do you in good faith call someone a Nazi? It’s ■■■■■■■■.

She must have been a really ■■■■■■ fact checker at the New Yorker.


No, I’m just not feeling it.

If they are actually a Nazi, you could, in good faith, call them as such.

Hitler was a Nazi. See? Easy peasy.

If you are yelling NAZI… You’ve already lost the argument and are just lashing out.