New York to prioritize POCs over Whites for COVID treatments in short supply

Claiming that past systemic racism has led to COVID having a greater impact on POC, NY COVID policy will give priority, to receive therapeutics in short supply, to POC over ill white people.

14th Amendment, Equal Rights Act be damned. Can’t wait for the first law suit under the CRA when a person is refused access to a therapeutic, because of their race, and dies.

New York says it will prioritize non-White people in distributing low supply of COVID-19 treatments


Will their sins of the past now be erased…or is there still more debt?

The blood sin of an ancestor never loses its appeal as something to be exploited.


Just read the memo.

Being of a non white ethnicity is considered a risk factor. It is not the only one.

The idea that non white people are being prioritized is not happening.

If you are a white person with an existing risk factor, and meet all of the other criteria you will get the treatment if there is supply.

Here is the risk factors.

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Why? What’s the science on that?

I believe it’s based on the average body mass index?


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How much you weigh over the perfect weight is a negative factor and makes you more susceptible to having health issues with COVID.

A virus doesn’t see race or skin color. Ethnicity/race is a manufactured risk factor. Poor health, poor lifestyle choices, poor living conditions are not racial or ethnic traits. If you are in poor health, have poor living conditions or a history of poor lifestyle choices, you are at risk, no matter your ethnicity or race.

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And they are “averaging” that based on race?

What I read was that non white race was A risk factor for COVID-19 and not THE ONLY risk factor. Available treatments would be prioritized on African or Hispanic heritage and other risk factors.

NYC is receiving guidance from Atlanta based CDC and race or ethnicity are part of the equation, but not all. Certain factors like obesity and related complications like diabetes that up the ante for COVID-19 transmission tend to be more common among non-white Americans than white-Americans:

Historically the data has been provided. I don’t know anything about the crazy “they” in NY.

That’s horse feathers

Here is Official CDC Data that blows these claims up. Data is through 12/29/2021 on US Deaths from COVID:

The table preview breaks down deaths by race and percentage of population.

Provisional COVID-19 Deaths: Distribution of Deaths by Race and Hispanic Origin NCHS

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You will notice in the table that total White deaths are +3% of population distribution, Black deaths are within +2% of population distribution and Hispanic Deaths are -1.5 % of population distribution.


So is this what backing off from the idea that white people are going to the back of the line looks like?

This whole story exists to make people mad at the idea that white people are being discriminated against.

It isn’t happening.

Happy new year everyone.

It is what incompetent fools, writing policies through a racial lens, looks like.


Pandering for VOC.


Crazy Joe, the One Horse Dog Faced Pony Soldier, limits access to COVID therapeutics in Florida, already. We live in a wacky liberal world where narrative rule and reality is a thing of the past.